Capian Aircraft Corporation ZiG is a Capian aerospace joint stock company. Its head office is in Vermerya.

ZiG aircraft are a staple of the Capian Air Forces, and the Armed Republic of Dvinmiste Capia sold many of these aircraft within its sphere of influenceit, also, ZiG consolidates Capian private and state-owned aircraft manufacturing companies and assets engaged in the manufacture, design and sale of military, civilian, transport, and unmanned aircraft. They have been used by the militaries of Poland, Romania, Latvia and also in aerial confrontations with russian forces.

It was formerly known as Zorak and Gurov Design Bureau (Russian: Zorak i Gurov, ZiG), then simply Zorak. After the mysterious death of Mikhail Gurov, the entire company was under Zorak's full control.

The Zorak BiG-15K is the first aircraft and the first military aircraft designed and exported, as Zorak who is organized into 3 divisions: Zorak Health; Zorak - Transport Aircraft and Zorak - Aggregation Center.

Short historyEdit

The aerospace industry of Dvinmiste Capia was in turmoil. An excessive amount of imports and highly protective tariffs devastated the manufacturing industry, both the aerospace and the automotive industry. The military aircraft industry was able to benefit from improving export possibilities by profiting from a large storage of components and parts from Russian times, while the civilian aircraft industry suffered losses and production of civilian aircraft diminished. To solve that, Zorak and Gurov create the Zorak and Gurov Design Bureau.


  • UAC Health
  • UAC - Transport Aircraft
  • LLC UAC - Aggregation Center
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