Zodiac International GuardsEdit


Zodiac International Soldiers are the basic protection for all high-ranking officials. They are trained for roughly 5 weeks which is slightly less than most national armies. However, they are toughly trained and paid very well.

They are armed with Kevlar Vests, Gloves, Knee Pads, and Elbow Pads. Their helmets are also made with Kevlar, however, it is also contains padding to prevent head injuries. The combat boots worn by the guards are wet-weather boots which can be worn in almost any climate and weather, and since Zodiac operates nearly everywhere, it is a very good investment for the company.

They are armed with standard issue FAMAS II, an upgraded version of the Famas. Along with a standard pistol.

These Guards only operate in contracts supplied by higher-ranking officials, meaning lower trained and armed soldiers operate for low-officials.

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