Zodiac International

Zodiac International Seal
Country Britannia (Former)

Arabia (HQ)

Allegiance None
Branch Private Military
Role All
Size Classified
Nickname Zodiac
Motto "Your own personal army"
CEO Code Name: Zero

Surface InformationEdit

Zodiac International is a Britannian-Founded and Arabian located company and manufacturer that specializes in advanced weaponary. Since the Japan Incident Britannia and EAR have targeted Zodiac International officials who support rebels and criminals. The company is led by an unknown figure who has called himself "Zero". Not much is known about Zodiac International, except for the fact that they are a for-hire Private Military Contractors who are only loyal to money, and on some occasions, trust-worthy clients. Currently they are located somewhere in Arabia, though there are reports they have other divisions in almost every country, both for and against the governments.

Underwater InformationEdit

Zodiac International is a border-line company that has broken un-named international and national laws in their operations. They are able to operate freely in corrupted countries where they bribe government officials for their own gain. However, they have been very unsuccessful in a handful of countries such as: Britannia, Eastern Asian Republic, Sweden, and Rokkenjima. This means they are more likely to fund rebels and criminals in these countries, although, the largest rebel-funded programs arent located in any of the above countries, and in fact, EAR is only the fourth largest rebel-funded contract by Zodiac.

Contracts in other CountriesEdit

Since Zodiac's low-level divisions are located in almost every country, a list of classified intel was leaked stating where Zodiac was spotted and was photographed arming either Loyalists, or rebels in said countries.

The Holy Britannian Empire: Loyalists: 55% Rebels/Criminals: 45%

Greater Meta Republic: Loyalists: 0% Rebels/Criminals: 100%

Sweden: Loyalists: 50% Rebels/Criminals: 50%

Finland: Loyalists: 45% Rebels/Criminals: 55%

Rokkenjima: Loyalists: 0% Rebels/Criminals: 100%

Chernigov: Loyalists 10% Rebels/Criminals: 90%

Khevin: Loyalists: 25% Rebels/Criminals: 75%

Former-USSR: Loyalists: 99% Rebels/Criminals: 1%

Arabia: Loyalists: 90% Rebels/Criminals: 10%

Narvan: Loyalists: 50% Rebels/Criminals: 50%


  • The USSR rockets that killed most civilians in Khevin were fired from Zodiac Armoured Trucks.
  • GMR and Rokkenjima are the only countries that do not buy Zodiac Weapons, hence the fact they use Witch Tech.
  • Narvan and Khevin have been the highest areas of contracts for Zodiac since the SARF and Anti-Imperial groups emerged.
  • After the Japan Incident, almost all Zodiac International Officials have been killed or thrown in jail.
  • Most supplied weapons arent as advanced, the higher the official supplying, the more advanced the weaponary is. Meaning most weapons supplied are from lower officials.
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