Yildizoglu Empire
Truthwatcher of The Knights Radiant
Basic Information
Founded 15 July 2016
Color orange
National Statistics
Government Type Autocracy Theocratic Dictatorship
Social Policies Liberal Libertarian
Economic Policies Far Left Far Left
Currency Bitcoin
Civilians Growing
Area Growing mi²
Military Strength
Military name Imperial Army of Yildizoglu
Stadium: The Kurultai
Team: Sons of Stars
National Capital Istanbul

Empire of the Sons of Stars, is officially the Imperial Theocratic Dictatorship of Yildizoglu (Turkish: Yildizoglu Imparatorlugu) is a growing nation ruled with an iron but gracious fist; the nation has libertarian policies and far left economic policies, the people enjoy unlimited freedoms regarding their life choices they are free to do, local communities are autonomous where trade happens between these communities. Drug laws are absent, regulated and taxed by the government. The people of the nation are pre-dominantly Turkic, the state-religion is Tengriism, where the Father of the Blue Sky is the eternal god.

The current despot is Prophet Ugur Yildizoglu, of the Yildizoglu dynasty that extends way before this nation has been formed. The Prophet received revelations and visions about the injustice spread over the world, then he formed such a government where is people are as free as possible. There are no jails and crime rate is non-excisiting. Criminals get dealt with locally, the community sentences certain criminals with fitting solutions. They rather think progressive then destructive because every life counts in these borders.

Yildizoglu is located on the continent of Europe and spreads to Asia Minor.

The nation's animal is the Wolf, they are believed to be sacred and bound to humans through history.

History Edit

The Theocratic Dictatorship of Yildizoglu Empire was established when The Prophet succeeded to power by the people, they supported him to ascend to the throne of the nomadic tribes which populated the area before uniting these tribes and forming the first established nation of the people. The Prophet is over-ruling the Kurultai, during the Kurultai the people vote for local- regional and national positions. Elected officials then govern their people through dialogue instead of personal or political agendas.

Military Campaigns Edit

The Imperial Army of Yildizoglu is currently participating in the war against Arrgh and Roz Wei.

Government Edit

The government is split in too The Prophet Yildizoglu leads the nation as head of state which has unlimited power and over-rules the national government which is called the Kurultai. The Kurultai is held when community leaders requests one. It is a gathering of autonomous communities and their respectful leaders, where public debates are held, ideas are exchanged and where disputes are taken care of.

The nation is aligned with The Knights Radiant alliance. The Prophet Yildizoglu is a Knight in the Order of Truthwatchers.

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