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 ¿Why should I be content to lead one nation... if I can control the whole world, Mr. President? 
(Yerik to Vladimir Putin)

Yerik is a powerful psychic that was once Premier Turchínov's chief advisor and later turned against the world in a bid to take over with his secretly organized personal army. Most likely, he, not Turchínov, was the true ruler of the CSS in the 2011s.

On his forehead are tattooed three Hebrew letters "resh" (ר), "vav" (ו), and "yod" (י), while psi stimulators linked to a psi collar underneath his clothes is surgically implanted into his skull. Professor Steinschneider referred to Yerik as "hostis humani generis", Latin for "the enemy of mankind".


Much of Yerik's past remains unknown. He is of Romanian ancestry and inherited a castle in Transylvania from his family. During the First Slavic War, he took part in Yanúkovich 's secret project, whose aim was to create an army of psychically-gifted soldiers to guarantee victory. However, the war ended with the Soviet States's defeat and Yanúkovich 's death, although this likely did not stop Yerik, who single-handedly continued it. It is possible that his implant is the original First Slavic War model initially created by soviet scientists.

Following the war, Yerik joined Premier Turchínov, whom he helped in rearming the CSS, developing psychic technology and forming the backbone of the Psychic Corps.

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