Flag of Orlando, Florida 2
Flag of Yarr

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Basic Details
Founded March 19, 2017
Headquarters North America
Color Black
Status Active
1st Landlubber:
2nd Landlubber:s
  • Vacant
Merchant Marine:
As of July 5, 2020
Total Nations 10
Score 66877.05
Average Score 6687.705
Alliance Rank 44
Active Blocs
Active Treaties
Protector: Rose
Protector: Empyrea
Protector: Terminus Est

Yarr (GOLF) is a black team alliance founded on March 19, 2017 under the protection of the Knights Templar, Cobra Kai Dojo, Roz Wei, the Viridian Entente, Land of Confusion, and Lordaeron. It was founded by Buck Turgidson, former Admiral of Arrgh!, for former members of Arrgh! who wished to retire from raiding and peacefully grow their nations. It's therefore have strong ties to Arrgh! and it is currently under the protection of Rose.

Yarr strictly bans all raiding by its nations declaring that 'Strictly no raiding is tolerated by or against our members. They are too old, tired, weak, and downright cantankerous. Probably some other big words too' and describes itself as 'An uncharted island for tired old pirates'.

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