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This alliance was annexed into Rose.


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Basic Details
Founded April 5, 2017
Headquarters Asia
Color Brown
Status Defunct
Active Blocs
Active Treaties


The Yakuza is an established and professional criminal syndicate where members become family. Their goals are to strengthen our family, exploit every possible opportunity for our favor, and prosper as an organization.non-discretionary

Little is known about the internal workings of the Yakuza. Each member plays to their strengths and is assigned to them duties that are especially fit to their talents and abilities. They have a rigid hierarchy to ensure all tasks, jobs, and subversive techniques are completed to satisfaction.

Initiation process is known to be arduous, though those that have been able to be accepted into the Yakuza have seen a growth that many other alliances won't dare risk. Very few have left the organization, but those who have do not seek another home to go to, and have been known to cease their existence 'voluntarily.'

If your alliance has needed to move funding, resources and/or people around, there's a high likelihood they dealt with the Yakuza. Their practice of non-discretionary business relations and strict confidentiality has made them valuable partners for many alliances and nations.