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World War Micro
Date April 16th, 2021 - April 19th, 2021
Duration: 3 days
Casus belli

Raids/Military Training

Result White Peace
  • PV/tO military victory
Concord Crisis
Succeeded by
The Last Ride

The Order flag.png
The Order
VIC flag.png
Prima Victoria
SoS flag.jpg
Swords of Sanghelios

Screenshot 20200923-204309.jpeg
Atlantian Council Flag.jpg
Atlantian Council
The North Western South Region of the Far East
Greater Unitary Republic Flag.jpg
The Greater Unitary Republic
Brotherhood Family Flag.jpg
Brotherhood Family
Aurora Flag.png


The Order flag.png Lord Vader
VIC flag.png MinesomeMC
SoS flag.jpg Dyana

Screenshot 20200923-204309.jpeg Agent Crew
Atlantian Council Flag.jpg Karen theEnlightened
22AAEB44-1680-40AE-95E9-DC49E085DBC9.jpeg Tristen
Greater Unitary Republic Flag.jpg Marcus Liddell
Brotherhood Family Flag.jpg Llojsa
Aurora Flag.png Kan0601

Casualties and losses
$ 2.37 b $ 3.90 b
These Conflicts are mainly scattered raids
  • Aurora and The Order had a small encounter after the peace agreement

World War Micro is a conflict that started when The Order, Prima Victoria, and Swords of Sanghelios mass raided Mandalore. Mandalore's allies The North Western South Region of the Far East, The Greater Unitary Republic, and Atlantian Council would counter for Mandalore shortly after. Prima Victoria would start declaring on TGUR back, after being countered by them and the United Purple Nations treaty expiring, which in turn brought in Brotherhood Family.

Peace Agreements

The Order would agree to peace on April 19th, 2021. Prima Victoria would agree to a seperate peace half a day later.

Aurora Confrontation

After the Order agreed to peace, Compass and Atlantian Council sent another counter which would be countered by the Order. This would cause Aurora to blitz the Order as a counter for its protectorate, Atlantian Council and Compass, a protector of Aurora's ally Soldiers of Liberty (a member of Oasis).


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