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World War Alpha
Part of the Alpha Wars
Date June 2014
Casus belli VoC raiding TEst nations
  • White Peace due to reset
  • Hostilities remain well into Final version
Preceded by
UPN-Bloc War
Succeeded by
War of Purple Aggression

Empire of Spades Flag.png
Empire of Spades
United Purple Nations Flag.png
United Purple Nations
Global United Nations Flag Re-Design.png Global United Nations
Dutch East India Company Flag.jpg
Dutch East India Company

Guardian Flag.jpg
Seven Kingdoms Flag.jpeg
Seven Kingdoms
Terminus Est Flag.png
Terminus Est Placeholder Flag.png
The Corn Shuckers
Placeholder Flag.png

Placeholder Flag.png

World War Alpha was fought between the combination of Terminus Est, Infinity, Seven Kingdoms, and the Corn Shuckers against PPC, VOC, and Genius Corps, with Legacy hitting both sides. The war was started when VOC started raiding Terminus Est's nations after they received a bank transfer from the collapsed Guardian. Later, Legacy declared war on VOC, followed by Infinity, Seven Kingdoms, and finally the Corn Shuckers. GUN merged into UPN right after their initial declaration of war.

Casus Belli

After the collapse of Guardian, Terminus Est received the entire contents of their bank from a quitting government member. VoC members then began raiding TEst who responded by declaring war.