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Basic Details
Founded 03/22/2015
Headquarters North America
Color Maroon
Status Active
Discord Server Join Here
Consul Nintendo
Master Hand DvD, Globoid, Tapley, Max Power
Master Hand (Cont.) Stormwalker, RADtx, Johnemann, Mr Pasta
WTF Officer evulfuson, Malx65, Napkin, Honu, Singha, Flameboes
As of April 20, 2020
Total Nations 32
Score 153,131.65
Average Score 4,785.36
Alliance Rank 9
Active Blocs
Active Treaties
MDoAP Horsemen
MnDoAP Schrute Farms
ODP Wizards Citadel
NAP United Purple Nations
NAP Acadia
NAP United Socialist Nations
NAP Advanced Syndicalist Mechanics

The World Task Force (WTF) is a maroon team alliance based in North America.

Government Edit

The World Task Force acts as a direct democracy, giving all of its members a vote in any and all matters dealing with the alliance itself. At its core, the alliance is peaceful and is committed to unity and growth. Raiding is strictly prohibited by the alliance.

The foreign policy of the World Task Force has taken a different direction since the dissolution of Nuke Bloc. The alliance typically avoids Bloc alliances now and is very cautious when it deals in diplomacy with other alliances.




Statistics (As of 14th of February 2020) Edit

Overall: Edit

  • 704 Cities
  • 1,742,557.85 Infrastructure
  • 2,160,718.00 of Land
  • 241,971,409 Citizens
  • GDP of $276,243,010,293

Military: Edit

  • 7,408,479 Soldiers ready to kick backsides
  • 498,641 Tanks to blow things up into pieces
  • 59,403 of hopefully airworthy aircraft
  • 7,109 Ships that hopefully can float
  • 139 Missiles that you definitely don’t want to eat
  • 423 Nukes that could cause nuclear fallout

War History Edit

  • The Trail of Tiers
    • Outcome: Victory
  • Strategic Arms Limitation Talks
    • Outcome: White Peace
  • Knightfall
    • The World Task Force officially entered the war on October 20th, 2018, after answering the call to a "Crusade", by the Church of Atom, against The Knights Radiant and their allies. There was no official declaration of war made by The World Task Force. A White Peace was agreed on November 27th, 2018, ending the war with the TKR coalition.
      • Outcome: White Peace
  • Community Outreach Program
    • Outcome: White Peace
  • Global War 15
    • The World Task Force participated in Global War 15 (aka "The Great Leak War"). It was unofficially a part of Coalition A, going against Coalition B. The World Task Force (Along with some of its allies) managed to reach a white peace, and a 240 day NAP, with Coalition B and peacefully, exited the war on January 18th, 2020. This was due to controversial leaks being released from tCWsphere's discord where they launched derogatory in-game, and OOC, insults towards WTF and its allies.
      • Outcome: White Peace

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