The name of the country describes its territory. At first, territory should be named "Crystal Valley". In British times, separatistic movement called "Crystal Republic". Every one was sure that country should be named that. But in last moment, government declared about creatiing "Woodland".


The history of contry take place since British decolonisation. Woodland just was a small province without any civilization. Everything changed, when in 1881 Woodland become independet. People thought about government type so long. They choose republic. Like other British ex-colonies, Woodland was "Dominion"- puppet country under control of Britain.

In 1930 year, nationalistic movement tried to took control of all country. Woodland joined to Axies with Germany, Italy,Japan, Romania and others. Woodland was captured by Canada in 1939.

In 1945, Woodland become fully indepedent country. Party "People.Fatherland.Unity" took up the government. Woodland join NATO in 1950 year, to protect itself from Cuba and USSR.

Administrative divisionEdit

Woodland devided into 50 districts. Every district have autonomy government and regulation laws. Regional government can reject some laws, but not all. Every region set its individual retriement age, pension size, schoolarship, minimum wage and another.


1. ConstitutionEdit

Constitution describes Woodland as "Federal Democratic Right Social Republican State". Constitution guarantees protection of human rights and freedom.  

2. Parlament Edit

Now parlament made up from 2 Chambers.

Low Chamber- is Congress. Congress made from 100 deputates elected every 3 years on national elections. Elections goes in some tours. Every tour 1 party, which took last place, retired. In last tour, 4 parties destrebute 100 mandates among them.
Upper Chamber- is Senate. Senate made from 50 deputates elected every 3 years on regional elections. Elections goes in some tours. Every tour 1 or 2 candidate,which took last place, retired. In last tour, 2 candidates fight for the win.

3. PartiesEdit

Liberal Democratic Community- right-centre, Liberal
Union of Right Conservatives- right, Conservative
Christian Democratic Movement- right, Christian-Democratic, traditianolist
Green Citizens Movement -- left-centre, Green Social-Democracy  
United Marxist Party- ultra-left, Communistic
Socialist Public Movement- left, democratic Socialistic 
National Movement of Woodland- right, fascist
English National Group- nationalistic, separatists
French National Movement - nationalisti, separatists
Social-Democratic Progressive Movement- left-centre, Social-Democracy
Libertarian Party- ultra-right, Libertarian
Centrist Public Movemen- centre, populistic 

Pensioners Party- right-centre, Social-Conservative

Pirate Party- centrist, internet freedom

Economy Edit

1. Mining Edit

1.1. Coal Edit

Despite country reject caol energy, Woodland countinue mining Coal and export it abroad.

1.2 Uranum Edit

Officialy, Woodland dosen`t habe nuclear weapon. but on the territory of Woodland there is a lot of uranum is mining. This Uranum goes on export abroad

2. Idustry Edit

2.1 Petrochemistry Edit

Woodland makes a lot of gasoline, despite lack of oil. all oil is importing from other counries and processed in gasoline. Thi is the reason, why gasoline in Woodland is very cheap (0.15$\lit.)

2.2 MIC Edit

MIC (millitary Idustrial Complex) is very important party of economy for Woodland. Law let people have a revolver, handgun, semi-automatic refile and shootguns. People use this right activly. Another hand of this is export. But export of munition is very low in compeare with gasoline

2.3 Heavy Industry Edit

Steel and aluminium is producing here. But all bauxit is import. Producing of this metals do producing of cars, smartphones, techincs very cheap.

3. Agriculture Edit

Woodland produce food. For examples wine, bread, meal, beer, cheese and another. But in shops, buyers can find domestic and import products

Millitary Edit

The millitary of Woodland made up from contracted young people from 18 to 40 years old. In army goes immigrats, unemplyed, poor people, homeless and just patriots.

Now, in military contracted 15,000 people, 188 tanks with 5 people per tank, 13 aircrafts with 1 pilot per Aircraft, 3 ships with 10 people on board.

Besides millitary, Woodland have its own National Guardy made up from 1,000 people and military police with 800 people.

Total: 17 756 people

Problems and issues Edit

1. National discordEdit

French and english ethical groups can`t make a peace and always try to set theirselves above other nations. Administrative division set frenchmans ans english people in different regions. On the map- purple- french regions, red- english. 

2. EcologyEdit

Despite national project "Clean house" , which was developed for cleaning air and streets of cities, polution is still a big problem. 

3. CorruptionEdit

Anti-Corruption department declares about 6% corruption. But some months ago it declares about 15-20% corruption. Corruption in Woodland is unstable. 


Culture Edit


TV in Woodland is private. Government controls only some regional channels. 

Popular TV chanels

1. 1CJ (News)

2. PlayGoal (Sport)

3. AniMe (Child Cartoons)

4. RMU (Agitation\Propoganda)

5. Yellowstone (Agitation\Propoganda)

2. NewspaperEdit

Newspapers isn`t very popular and it has many agitation of political parties. Sometimes in newspapers can be placed сompositions of unfamous writters. 

3. EducationEdit

Education is private. Children go to Kindergarten in 3 years. after that in 5 years thy must go in basic school. After 4 Year, they pass exam. If pupil fail this exam, it can be exludet from school. After 9 Years, pupils can go to college or stay untill 11 Year. 


sport is very popular. Every locality must have 1 stadium. Cities must have 1 Soccer stadium, 1 Ice Ring, 1 baseball stadium.


Top Soccer Clubs:

1. Foresters (Crystal Town)

2. Veliage (Delure)

3. Arsenal (Middle)

4. Diamond (Crystal Town)

5. Marselliesa (Foretville)

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