Winter Rose Accords

Order of the White Rose
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Treaty Type: MnDoAP
Treaty Signed: September 19, 2017
Treaty Terminated: October 2, 2019
Treaty Status: Defunct

The Winter Rose Accords is a Mutual Non-Chaining Defense and Optional Aggression Pact signed between Order of the White Rose and Polaris on September 19, 2017.

Polaris and the Order of the White Rose, in recognition of their common values, and mutual friendship with one another, do hereby declare this treaty which shall henceforth bind the two alliances together.

Article I: Non-Aggression

The undersigned parties agree that no military actions should be taken against other signatories to this treaty. Furthermore, all disputes between signatories will be resolved through private diplomatic channels. In the instance a war or raid is declared, the aggressor alliance agrees to pay reparations to the other signatory for all damages in a timely manner.

Article II: Mutual Defense

If either signatory is attacked by a foreign entity, it is the obligation of the other signatory to assist by using all means at their disposal, including economical, political and direct military force.

Article III: Optional Aggression

If either signatory declares war on a foreign enemy, the other signatory is encouraged to assist at their discretion in any way possible. The signatory initiating hostilities is under the obligation to inform the other signatory a minimum of 24 hours in advance of the planned start of hostilities. Both signatories additionally agree to refrain from taking any actions, direct or indirect, that may cause the other signatory to enter an aggressive conflict unwillingly, without first obtaining approval from the other signatory.

Article IV: Intelligence

Should a signatory learn of impending action against another signatory, said signatory is obligated to tell the other party as soon as reasonably possible.

Article V: Free Trade & Open Markets

In the spirit of the VOC and to promote internal economic growth in both alliances, each signatory agrees to keep markets open for the full duration of this pact. It is also encouraged to both signatories to offer economic aid to the other signatory in times of need.

Article VI: Non-Chaining Agreement

This is a non-chaining treaty. Should either party declare a war, then receive counter attacks from other alliances, there is no obligation for the other to come to their defense.

Article VII: Dissolution of Terms

Should a signatory wish to withdraw from this treaty, they must inform the other signatory 72 hours in advance of their withdrawal, at which time they are released from the above obligations.


Signed for Polaris

AlmightyGrub - Emperor of Polaris
EaTeMuP - Regent of Polaris
WSxPhoenix - Minister of Truth

Signed for Order of the White Rose

Prime: Sval
Prime Regent: Monkeybutt
Head of FA: Arnout
Deputy of FA: Kitschie

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