Willard H. Wright

Willard H. Wright

Born October 15th
Location Rokkenjima
Title Chief Inquisitor of the SSVD (former)
Age Unknown
Race Angel
Other name(s) Wright of the Twenty Wedges
Wizard-Hunting Wright

Willard H. Wright (ウィラード・H・ライト Wirādo H. Raito), called Will (ウィル Wiru) for short, is a former first-class Archbishop and Chief Inquisitor of the SSVD. He is named after Willard Wright and enforces Van Dine's Commandments.

A young ace inquisitor once feared by witches for his cold and ruthless tactics, he gained the nicknames "Wright of the Twenty Wedges" and "Wizard-Hunting Wright". Over time, however, he grew malcontent with SSVD's brutal standards and resigned from his position. He is rumored to be more powerful than the Eiserne Jungfrau's current leader, Dlanor A. Knox, and utilizes a black sword against his opponents. Although he appears gruff and quick to anger, he is genuinely kindhearted and opts to be as lenient as possible during his investigations.



  • Willard's appearance may be a reference to Van Dine's short story, "The Man in the Blue Overcoat".
  • Willard is named after Willard Huntington Wright, a famous art critic who, under the pseudonym "S. S. Van Dine", wrote several very popular detective novels starring his fictional detective, Philo Vance.
  • SSVD may be an acronym for Willard Huntigton Wright's pseudonym, S.S Van Dine.
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