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Where we Dropping Bois
The Island Flag.png
At the Mansion
Date Feb 18, 2019 - Mar 3, 2019
Casus belli Disputed

• On a dare & because the forums were vacant
• In response to Max's negative call-out of several alliances tied to the aggressors

Status Concluded
Preceded by
Border Conflict
Succeeded by
Esquire Templar War of Independence

Camelot Flag-0.png

Goon Squad Flag.jpg
Goon Squad

The Island Flag.png
The Island


Camelot Flag-0.png Arthur
Camelot Flag-0.png Epimetheus
Goon Squad Flag.jpg Xonera

The Island Flag.png Mad Max

102,000 Score

65 Nations

35,000 score

12 Nations

Casualties and losses

Where We Dropping Bois started on February 18th after a joke grew wildly in Great Job & Hive Mind after hours. With only a few hours to plan, Camelot interned their fellow participants in the VC and they hit The Island the following morning.

Camelot's Controversy

"The only thing we can guarantee is salt" - Camelot to Goons

Many suspect that Camelot acted on Mad Max' latest article, published almost a week earlier and shit talking every alliance in the top 50 except for Oblivion and Grumpy Old Bastards who followed a similar model to The Island. Camelot was labelled "Trash" along with 10 other alliances without further insulting descriptions. Bad Company, Black Knights, and Pantheon were shit talked the hardest.

Camelot had in the past criticized ORB for not including all relevant information but this was resolved long before the end of 2018, at least six months prior to the conflict. As the initial joke did not mention it, the aggressors could not be considered entirely innocent.

Frontier Records Controversy

Rough Riders and Bad Company had been planning a merger that included The Island before Camelot hit. Aside from just throwing a wrench in their plans, Rough Riders immediately confirmed they were not going to participate and left Bad Company unable to assist its ally. Due to the length of the conflict, TI dropped out of the merger discussions and Rough Riders and Bad Company became Frontier Records.

Frontier Records also refused to participate but went on to sign The Commonwealth.

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