West African War
Part of R.F. Operations in Africa
Date Nov 5, 2032 - June 19, 2034
Location Borno State, Nigeria

Abrizhou, West Africa


Attack on Lagos

Status URF - Nigerian Victory
- Osun given to U.R.F

- Ekiti, Ondo, Edo returned to Nigeria

- Borno recaptured

United Republic Federation of States

- United Republic Federation Army

- United Republic Federation Viper Corp

- United Republic Federation Marine Corp

- United Republic Federation Air Force

- United Republic Federation Navy


- Nigeran Army

- Nigerian Air Force

- Nigerian Navy


Boko Harem

Alpha Commander: Imari Thomas

Field Commander: Fredrick Jones

- Viper Colonel: Lucas Thomas

Air Commander: Adam Lewis

Admiral: Sarah Jones

Leader: Queen Ici

Insurgent Leader

U.R.F Forces:

- Army: 55,000 troops, 1,100 tanks

- Marines: 15,000 troops, 500 tanks

- Viper Squad: 30 Operatives

- Air Force: 80 Superiority Fighters, 30 Bombers

- Navy: 30 Warships, 35 Naval Fighters

Nigerian Forces:

- Army: 150,000 troops, 101 tanks

- Air Force: 24 Attack, 11 Fighters

- Navy: 9 Warships


- Army: 40,000 troops

- Tanks: 750 tanks

- Specialist: 1,300 troops

- Aircraft: 40 Superiority, 15 Attackers

Boko Harem

- Infantry: 24,000 Troops

- Tanks: 200

Casualties and losses
Wounded: 14,200

Dead: 6,500

Wounded: 40,000

Dead: 29,400

The West African War is a military conflict between the Republic Federation allied with Nigeria against Abrizhou allied with the Islamic Militant Forces of the Boko Harem in the Borno State, Nigeria.

The Militant Forces grew in power after Nigeria's defeat in 2025 and 2026, defeating the remnants of the Nigerian Forces within the Borno. The threat of a Militant assault grew within Lagos, causing URF Forces to send additional 15,000 troops.

A month before, the territory of Lagos was attacked by a group that sneaked in and destroyed much of the Reserved Force's equipment. They soon began attacking the guards that try to defended the base, ending with reinforcements from the Marine Corps. After they investigated, it was found that they was from a transport route from the Borno State. Part of the Republic Federation's relief effort in the region.

In response, the RF military was given permission to begin their Campaign within the Borno State, once allowed, the Military was soon deployed. Beginning with an Air Campaign across the Borno Forest, then a Viper and Marine Corp assault with AH-60 Helicopters. Soon moving in with Armored Forces from both Marines and Operatives, taking out much of the heavy equipment used.

Once making a head point, Federation Operative, Army, Marine, and Air Force began to mass within a portion of the State. They soon launch military operations that hit strategic locations, they even used Cruise missiles against targets deep within enemy territory.

As they fought, Abrizhou Forces pushed into Lagos with everything they got, blockading the territory with it's navy. In response, the URFS Renegade, URFS Assault, and their Task Force moved in.

They pushed the enemy navy away and set itself to defend the territory and blockade the nation, invading with both Army and Marines. Expelling the Queen and splitting the nation, they soon annexed their half into the Lagos Territory.

On June 19, 2034, the conflict ended after the Battle of Maiduguri. Only 2,000 fighters and 320 Specialist has surrendered to the Allied Force, soon a Treaty of Lagos was made. Allowing Nigeria to be restored to it's orginial state and allows U.R.F. to increase control of Lagos.

Conflict Edit

- History Edit

On Oct 5th, 2032, in the Lagos' Territorial Base, Republic Federation Forces retrieved a convoy that was deployed to Borno during the Nigeria's War against Boko Harem. During one of the retrievals, a group of men jumped out their transports carrying mostly AK-74s and RPG-7s. They began attacking Reserve Troopers who returned fire, trying to defeat the invaders. As they fought, they came across several T-72 tanks and took control of them, wreaking havoc across the base.

After Fighting for hours, a action unit from the RF Marine Corp arrived from Abrizhou. Once they arrived, they was requested to support the Reserve Force. With 12,000 additional reinforcements, the R.F. Defense unit was able to push the attackers out. Defeating them in a surrounding movement in one of the Territory district in Lagos, ending the battle.

- Political Choices Edit

After the conflict, Imari Thomas and his cabinet began planning for the war that's coming. As they try to decide, a member has explained that the group was from Borno, Nigeria. A country that the Republic Federation has faced over five years ago.

A week later, the cabinet arrived to the capitol city in Abjua. They was soon taken to the capital house, meeting the new President of the country and his advisors. As they talked, things became heated as the President explains that everything was under control, but the R.F. Ambassador wasn't having it.

After a few days and a couple threats, the Nigerian President agreed to allowed the Republic Federation Military to begin operations within Borno. Once they was allowed, several assets within Lagos prepares for an all out assault on the state.

- Operation Superiority Edit

At 0600, Nov 5th, 40 A-10M Strike Fighters were equipped with 6 500lb pounds each and was prepped to take off. Soon 15 F-16Ds takes off with 4 50lb bombs each, all heading to Sambisa Forest first. As they approach, anti-air weaponary fired on the attacking Air Force.

But none of it was able to hit any of them as the A-10Ms dropped their bombs, soon the F-16Ds dived bomb onto forts and gun stations. Destroying much of their defenses, opening it up to Viper Corp UH-60 Gunships under command of Lucas Thomas to pick off any armored units.

AH-60 Gunship

Viper Corp AH-60 attacking Insurgent Forces, Nov 5th, 2032

Rockets flew from the pods as they hit many T-55 tanks, destroying them easily. They soon target any weapon caches and transports, using their side Miniguns to detonate any explosives inside. After destroying much of their equipment, the whole operation turned into chaos for the enemy.

After several hours, the massive base was reduced to nothing. Soon the UH-60 Helicopters land with Lucas and Viper Operatives as the MH-53s dropped S1A2 tanks to finish the location off. The operation was soon declared accomplished, ending the battle as the R.F. Forces left the base.

- Battle of Potiskum Edit


URF K1A3 Tanks assembles for an assault, Nov 9th, 2032

Twelve days after the fist attack, the Republic Federation Army prepared for an invasion into Borno. The first target was the medium-size city of 206,000, City of Potiskum. Field Commander Fredrick Jones, Colonel Lucas Thomas and other commanders figured that it's Boko Haram headquarters, especially when nearly 20,000 fighters are moblized inside. The attack began at 0700 with an artillery attack from S5A1's 150mm howitzers and M1128 Mobile Gun Systems, then followed up with an air attack with Tu-22M bombers. Destroying much of the city within hours, they soon ending the attack with Cruise missile attacks from a Zumwalt-class Cruiser in the Gulf of Guinea.

After hours of long-range attacks, U.R.F. Marines advanced into the city. Fully armored troopers engaged with Militants that survived the attack, even engaging several T-55M5 and T-64M6 tanks.

Militant T-55M5 in the outskirts of Potiskum, Nov 10th, 2032

They then split into three groups, 5th Marine ARD Corps began moving into the city from A345 highway. Once inside the city, the Republic Federation Infantry began clearing buildings. Pushing towards the City Square, once there, the R.F. APCs began surrounding the Infantry for protection.

After the first group entered and secured part of the city, a second group of the 12th Marine ARD Corps moved in through the West A3 Highway. As they moved, more T-55M5 tanks moved into the Highway. S1A2s began firing at the T-55s while taking hits from them, T-55s returned fire and began advancing towards the Marines.

As both sides fired at each other, another Group of the 6th Marine Division with CV90 APCs moved in from Northern A3 Highway. They moved quickly down the Highway, taking out Fighters and Tanks as they moved. Once they reached the center, they formed together and moved to the Capital building. Capturing it quickly and ending the battle.

War with Abrizhou Edit

- Initial Attack Edit

F-16 landed

Abrizhouian F-16s prepare for assault, June 2nd, 2033

As the R.F. Military continued their mission in Borno, the Queen plans to turn against the Republic Federation for the Lagos Territory. She moblized her Armored Divisions, mostly made up of Challenger IIs and M60 Pattons. She then prepared her Air Force for an air assault.

On June 2, 2033, Abrizhouian Forces attacked the Territory, taking nearly 89% of the land. This pushed the R.F. Forces to the Harbor, leaving them no room to maneuver. It became worst as most of the Armored Corps are either in the homeland or in Borno fighting the Federation.


Type 52C, common Destroyer used in the Abrizhouian Navy

After the push, Abrizhouian Navy sailed near the harbor. Blockading the trapped R.F. Defenders, the Queen soon demanded that Lagos is to be let go. Sent then demands that the Alpha Commander to step aside in her affairs with other nations. Giving the Republic Federation only a few days to respond or get humiliated.

Imari Thomas took this assault as a test to his mentality, something that nearly broke when it began. When he went to the Guild Government, they could only advise him. But they wouldn't interfere as it became more of a personal mission. In response, knowing the nation took a near blow in the maneuverability. Imari's response became controversial, demanding a Invasion of Abrizhou.

- R.F. Military Response Edit

On September 3rd, Federation Light Carrier, Renegade, and Fleet Carrier, Politics, along with two Battlecruisers, a single Amphibious Warship and a few Missile Destroyers arrived to the combat zone.

Along with the Task Force, URF Submarines sailed close to the harbor. Once near each other, the Subs fired on the few Destroyers while the Battleships fired their new Twin Barrel 300mm Cannons. Destroying much of the enemy fleet.
Federation Tanks

K1A3FM Tanks engaging in long-range combat with Abrizhouian Forces, Sept 20th, 2033

Once destroyed, United Republic Federation Forces landed and pushed inward. Facing many enemy Challengers that blocked their path. Army Corps of 1st, 3rd and 11th Corps pushed out from the harbor, saving the remaining Marines and Reserve Forces. They soon began pushing their way to the border, facing more tanks that stand in their way. As they fought, URF SIF/A-45 Interceptors cleared the skies, allowing Su-24s to launch air attacks on the Abrizhouian Forces.
Challenger Tank

Abrizhouian Challenger II holding off R.F. Forces in Osun. Sept 27th, 2033

As the Air attacks intensifies, URF Troops pushed into the nation. Blitzing towards the capital. The Abrizhouian Forces began pulling conscripts, sending them to slow down the advancing troops. This only annoyed many URF Commanders, even the Field Commander of the Army, Fredrick Jones took annoyance to it. He ordered that they don't stop, just keep pushing with the Armored Corps.

After that order, the URF Forces advanced faster. Arriving to the capital a few days short. As they prepared for a final assault, a Abrizhouian Challenger II squadron began hitting their convoys. Damaging logistics and a possibility for reinforcements. Soon a Army Division filled with K1A1FM tanks broke off from the main assault, meeting the Abrizuhouian Forces near the border of Esha.

Once eliminated, the Division joined back into the main attack. Soon it was told that a Nigerian Force of nearly 100,000 has captured Edo and Ekiti, this cause the R.F. Forces to push in immediately. Soon with both fronts closing it, the Queen demanded a conditional surrender. But this only kept the two nations going. She then tries for an unconditional surrender, which was agreed.

- Treaty of Lagos Edit

In the Treaty of Lagos, the nation of Abrizhou was no longer independent. All resources the nation carries is given to the R.F. Authorities, the State of Osun is annexed into the Territory of Lagos. Lastly, the child of the Alpha Commander is given to the R.F. Authorities with AC's orders. For Nigeria, the states of Edo and Ekiti is returned, the Queen of the nation is expelled from Africa.

The War with Abrizhou ended on October 5th, 2033, both Nigeria and Republic Federations resumed their operations in Borno.

End-Game OperationsEdit

- Overwhelming Push Edit

K1 tanks

Federation K1A3FM Tanks preparing for Final Battle, Oct 10th, 2033

Once the war with Abrizhouian Empire ended, R.F. Military and Nigerian Forces took the time to dismantle the Militant Forces. During October 2033, Su-24 Strikers began dropping bombs in Nguamda and southern sectors in Borno. As the attacks began, the Allied Forces began massing around the state. Pushing in as many Militant Divisions carried T-55Ms, T-72BMs, and rogue Challenger Tanks. As they enter cities, both sides are met with Artillery strikes and Airstrikes. Both trying to soften each other.

By January 2034, A quarter of the State is under Allied control. Rogue Abrizhouian and Miitant Forces began using desperate attacks, slowing the advancements.

On February 5, 2034, the 5th Marine ARD Division pushed close to Bama. Meeting more resistance than before, slowing their advance. As their advance slowed, the 1st and 8th Army ARD Corps slammed in from the left and right flanks. Breaking the stalemate and letting the Federation Forces through.

On the northern front, the 12th Marine ARD Corps and 13th Marine INF Corps rushed to Kesawa. Along with 3rd Armored Divison, they was able to break several lines within the Insurgent Forces. Once reaching the city, the Militant Forces became weaken and started massing in Maiduguri.

- Battle of Maiduguri Edit

With the Allied Forces on the verge of victory, the Militant Forces prepared for the last stand. Knowing that the Federation and Nigerian Forces will move in. On April 2, 2034, the Allied 155mm Artillery began firing into the city. Inside, the Militant infantry prepared for combat.

Moblie Gun

Federation MGS firing on Insurgents in Maiduguri, April 2nd, 2034

After a few hours of Artillery, the guns silent as the troops from 5th, 12th, and 13 Marine Forces commanded by Col. Lucas Thomas marched to the city. Once inside, the Militant Forces used the buildings to engaged the Federation Forces.

As they fought, Allied Forces soon began to pushing the Militants out the city. It took time due to limited Air Support to avoid civilian casualties, taking another three months.

By May 7, 2034, the Militant Forces surrendered to the Allies. Small fighting continued for a few months, mostly small pockets that were hiding or missed. Allied Forces occupied the Borno State for sometime, while the Treaty was being written down.

Aftermath Edit

The Treaty of Lagos was used on the Militants in Borno, forcing them to sign it and return Borno to Nigeria. The two nations then made plans to keep the peace, hoping to avoid another conflict in West Africa. Much of the Borno, Osun, Edo, Ekiti, and Ondo was destroyed, costing millions to reconstructed.

By June 19th, 2034, the threat of rebellion or Militant reemergence was over. Ending the war in West Africa and restore peace and control.

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