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Welcome Back Alpha
Part of the Alliance Wars
Welcome back alpha.png
Date April 28th, 2019 - May 22nd, 2019
Casus belli None given

Alpha/CoA Victory

Preceded by
Community Outreach Program
The Great Sock War

Alpha Flag.jpg
Spanish Armada Flag.jpg
Spanish Armada
Church of Atom Flag.png
Church of Atom

Oblivion Second Flag.jpg
Arrgh Flag.png


Alpha Flag.jpg Placentica
Spanish Armada Flag.jpg Mahat
Church of Atom Flag.png James II

Oblivion Second Flag.jpg Park
Arrgh Flag.png Bluebear

132,000 Score
33 Nations
159,000 Score
115 Nations
Casualties and losses
2.54 Billion Dollars 8.05 Billion Dollars

Welcome Back Alpha was a conflict that broke out when Oblivion launched several attacks against Alpha and Spanish Armada.


Following the end of Strategic Arms Limitation Talks in April 2018, Alpha effectively disbanded with its leader Placentica remaining the only member in the alliance while going into Vacation Mode. Most of Alpha's members either joined Spanish Armada or the newly created alliance Church of Atom.

In July 2018, Spanish Armada was attacked by Terminus Est with the entire alliance going into Vacation Mode as a consequence in order to take a break from the game. Since Spanish Armada's members went into Vacation Mode during the war, they did not rebuild the infrastructure or military units lost due to the attacks from Terminus Est.

Placentica left his Vacation Mode and participated briefly in Knightfall. In April 2019, members of Spanish Armada reset their Vacation Mode in order to return to the game and left their alliance to join Alpha before the timer had reached zero. After a couple of their members had come out of Vacation Mode, Oblivion launched several attacks against them.

Oblivion did not post an official declaration of war and Arrgh joined their side to raid Alpha. Church of Atom defended Alpha by launching several wars against members of Arrgh.


On May 22nd, Oblivion officially surrendered to Alpha. As a result of the conflict, Oblivion had fallen to an alliance score of 5,200 (compared to approximately 62,000 at the beginning). All but three nations had left Oblivion throughout the war.


April 28, 2019

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