Weeb Templars

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Basic Details
Color Black
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Grand Weeb Thalmor
Weeb Officer
  • Tyrion Lannister
  • Justin076
  • TheRebelMan
  • Shadow
  • Haydon
Active Blocs
Active Treaties

Weeb Templars (WT) is a Black Test Server Alliance. It is the Winner of the 2018 Halloween Test Server Tournament (Alliance with Highest Score) and the 3rd Test Server Tournament. It is the Test Server branch of the Knights Templar.

Government History Edit

2018 Halloween Tournament Edit

  • Grand Weeb (Leader): Thalmor
  • Weeb Officer: Tyrion Lannister/Radoje
  • Weeb Officer: Justin076
  • Weeb Officer: TheRebelMan
  • Weeb Officer: Shadow
  • Weeb Officer: Haydon
  • Weeb Officer: Barbarossa
  • Weeb Officer: Alpha Dog
  • Weeb Officer: Kastor

Individual Awards Edit

This is a list of the individual awards which WT members won.

Test Server Tournament 3 Edit

  • Xavier Renarus - 2nd Place

2018 Halloween Tournament Edit

  • DustyDart - Most Land Area
  • Alpha Dog - Highest Score

Allies Edit

2018 Halloween Tournament Edit

  • Holy Britannian Empire
  • Bloodsport
  • Afternoon Tea
  • Great Job

Alliance Ads & Images Edit

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