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War on Slander
Part of the Alliance Wars
Date September 2nd 2020 - September 13th 2020
Casus belli Slander of Guilo
Result HORDE disbandment
Preceded by
Birthwei Party
Duck Hunt
Succeeded by
Alexio, Play Despacito

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Black Skies



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19 Nations 8 Nations

War on Slander was a micro conflict that broke out when the leader of HORDE failed in negotiations to bring Black Skies into a "Micro Sphere". Afterwards Ishtar of HORDE Empire went to the forums and created a post with faked screenshots accusing Guilo of being a pedophile. Black Skies then declared war on HORDE for slander.


September 2nd -

  • HORDE makes a forum post accusing Guilo of being a pedophile
  • Public backlash with evidence from The Lost Empire surface showing that HORDE's 2ic had changed his name to fake the screenshots.
  • Black Skies blitzes HORDE and declares war

September 4th -

  • HORDE members begin leaving for The Archangels
  • Black Skies demands that all treaty holders with HORDE drop HORDE

September 5th -

  • Concord refuses to activate their MDP and drops HORDE
  • Tigray refuses to activate their ODP and drops HORDE

September 7th -

  • Ishtar leader of HORDE deletes his nation
  • HORDE 2ic goes into vacation mode leaving only 2 fighting nations left in HORDE

September 10th -

  • HORDE disbands and most nations delete

September 11th -

  • Peace is achieved after an apology from HORDE remnants is sent to Guilo