War of the Seas
Date 13-31 March 2016
Result Purple Spy War begins
Preceded by
Second North American Raid War
European Insurgency
Succeeded by
Purple Spy War
Arrgh Red Flag
Dutch East India Company Flag
Dutch East India Company

Arrgh Flag Jacob Hanson

Dutch East India Company Flag TheNG
Dutch East India Company Flag Clarke

73 nations
53,635.55 score
42 nations
55,891.29 score

The War of the Seas refers to the large scale piracy committed by Arrgh against the Dutch East India Company in March 2016. Starting on March 13, Arrgh began launching raids against DEIC without any notice. Between April 13 and 31, nearly 75 raids were conducted on the lower tier of DEIC without much retaliation or reaction. Towards the end of March, a majority of the DEIC lower tier began switching en-mass to the United Purple Nations alliance affiliation. After doing so, some began a spy attack campaign against Arrgh. This ended up causing the Purple Spy War to break out.

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