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War of Trust
Barbados and European Union.png
Date October 18, 2016 - October 19th, 2016
Casus belli Avansies trust lost via Discord and DoW from Young Guilo of Avansies.
Status White Peace and Vassal Agreement. War Ended.
Preceded by
Valkyrie Treasure War
Succeeded by
Night of the Knights

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European Union Flag.png
European Union


Barbados Flag.png Young Guilo

European Union Flag.png Kin Jae-hun

15 nations
1,489 score
136,652 soldiers
1,135 tanks
160 aircraft
2 nations
126 score
24,094 soldiers
228 tanks
0 aircraft
Casualties and losses
11,362 Soldiers Killed

172 Tanks Lost

30.75 Infrastructure Destroyed
6,332 Soldiers Killed

104 Tanks Lost

0.00 Infrastructure Destroyed

The War of Trust was a small conflict which began on 18 October 2016 on Discord when Young Guilo of Avansies, was told by Kin Jae-hun, a "surprise" would be given to Young Guilo and that she would "let him find out", Y.G. took this as a threat and placed military sanctions on Kin.


On October the 18th, Kin Jae-hun entered the Avansies chat, and Kin and Young Guilo had pointed out that Kin had tried to recruit 3 of their members, which was not true, and Kin denied said allegations, and asked for proof, only half of a Private Chat was shown, and there was still no proof of recruiting in the Private Chat. Young Guilo then kicked Kin from the chat. A friend of Kin's and Guilo's contacted Kin, Leader Short, he asked what was the "surprise", Kin said that it would be 50K, 25 Iron and 50 Lead, Leader Short a few minutes after posted a DoW from Avansies, and since the war has started.


October 18th:

-Official DoW from Avansies via Resplendent's, Leader Short.

-Avansies places Military Sanctions on England and the European Union.

October 19th:

-Kin Jae-hun of England attacks Young Guilo's Menephos.

-Kin Jae-hun of England attacks Karanveer's Karbonite

- Kin Jae-hun of England attacks SquiggleTheMagical's Pie Land.

-Kin Jae-hun of England leaves and disbands the European Union.

-Peace is Established.