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War of Recognitions
Date 28-29 Sept 2016
Casus belli Arrgh! raids on Order of the White Rose
Result White Peace
Preceded by
Food Hoarding Investigation
Silent War
Succeeded by
Lunar Communist War
Order of the White Rose Flag.png
Order of the White Rose

Black Knights

Order of the White Rose Flag.png Sval
Order of the White Rose Flag.png Luis

Arrgh.png Ogaden

OWR:18 nations
9,390.84 score
BK: 123 nations
153,429.30 score
60 nations
59,074 score

The War of Recognitions was a short-lived conflict between the Order of the White Rose and Arrgh! which began on 28 September 2016 and ended several hours later on 29 September. The conflict began when the Order of the White Rose announced it was recognizing hostilities with Arrgh over three raids launched on its members, including a member of its government. After the recognition was posted, Arrgh recognized the recognition and a large chain of recognitions occurred between the two sides recognizing each-others recognitions. Despite the public recognition, the conflict did not escalate beyond the Arrgh nations originally involved with the raids.


On 28 September 2016, 3 raids were launched by Arrgh! nations against Order of the White Rose nations - one against an inactive and two against Luis, its Director of Defense. Due to this the OWR publicly recognized hostilities with Arrgh and retaliated with 2 attacks against Immeral Ilimaris, one of the raiders of Luis while 3 nations from the Black Knights, protector of OWR, hit Buck Turgidson, the other raider of Luis. Several hours after the recognition peace was reached between Buck, the OWR nations, and the BK nations. Peace was agreed between Immeral Ilimaris and the OWR nations shortly afterwords ending the conflict.

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