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War of Purple Aggression
Part of the Establishment of Rose
Atlas Confederacy Flag.png
Flag of The Atlas Confederacy
Date 22 October - 2 November 2014
Casus belli Alleged war plot against EoS by TAC discovered
Result White Peace
  • EoS disbands
  • TAC reforms into Rose
Preceded by
World War Alpha
Succeeded by
Thunderstruck War
Empire of Spades Flag.png
Empire of Spades
United Purple Nations Flag.png
United Purple Nations
Dutch East India Company Flag.jpg
Dutch East India Company
Atlas Confederacy Flag.png
The Atlas Confederacy

Empire of Spades Flag.png Casey
Empire of Spades Flag.png JohnHenryHoliday
United Purple Nations Flag.png Hansarius
United Purple Nations Flag.png Kappa
Dutch East India Company Flag.jpg Diabolos
Dutch East India Company Flag.jpg Stetonic

Atlas Confederacy Flag.png Pubstomper
Atlas Confederacy Flag.png Adama

The War of Purple Agression other wise known as the War of Debatable Aggression was a war that lasted for 20 days from 22 October to 2 November 2014. It is known to be the first alliance war in Orbis involving four alliances: Empire of Spades, United Purple Nations, and Dutch East India Company against The Atlas Confederacy.

Casus Belli

After a set of five coordinated attacks against The Atlas Confederacy, Pubstomper recognized hostilities with the Empire of Spades. However, these attacks are rumored to have been carried out as a preemptive strike by EoS against TAC, after a "war plot" by TAC was discovered. Two of the five attackers from EoS listed their reason for war as "Atlas Scum".

War Progression

The Atlas Confederacy recognizes hostilities with Empire of Spades on October 24. Two days later on October 26, both the United Purple Nations, and Dutch East India Company declare war on Atlas in defense of EoS. The war ended in white peace after 9 days of fighting. Atlas agreed to move from the Purple sphere to the Yellow sphere in the white peace agreement. Damages during the war were not recorded.

Brotherhood of the Clouds, a member of The Covenant bloc remained neutral during the war.

Impact of the War

The Atlas Confederacy reforms into Rose three days following the end of the war. The same day, the Empire of Spades disbands and merges into the UPN with several large nations and government members instead fleeing to the newly formed Rose. This war was the cause of the succeeding Marionette War.

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