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War of Cobalt Escalation
Part of the Arrgh Raids
Cobalt Pirate Flag.jpg
Cobalt reveals pirate flag after announcing escalation
Date 09-29 February 2016
Casus belli Cobalt:
  • Arrgh raids


Result Cobalt disbands
Preceded by
Rum War
First North American Raid War
Succeeded by
Sid Meier's Pirate War 2
Flag of Zaire.svg Political Pirates

Arrgh.png Jacob Hanson
Flag of Zaire.svg Warpool

CelestialUnionFlag.png Grealind

75 nations
41,264.87 score
58 nations
45,739.83 score

The War of Cobalt Escalation began when Cobalt recognized war with Arrgh on February 9, 2016 after Arrgh members began mass raiding their nations. It started while Arrgh was still fighting Mensa HQ, Seven Kingdoms, and Guardian in the Rum War.


A month prior in December 2015, the Christmas Day Raid occurred where Arrgh mass raided Cobalt. Cobalt signed a MDoAP with Rose on the same day causing Rose to threaten Arrgh with war if reps were not paid. This led to increased hostility towards Cobalt within Arrgh. Arrgh eventually declared open season to its members on Cobalt nations for raids, in part due to the ongoing 168 Day War which preoccupied Rose and most other large alliances and due to the Rum War which had knocked most of Arrgh into lower tiers. This also coincidentally occurred shortly after Cobalt announced that Odd Squad was merging into them. Members of the Political Pirates also began raiding Cobalt nations throughout the conflict.


After the mass raids began, Cobalt declared open season on Arrgh nations and recognized war with Arrgh with an announcement of 'Let the escalation begin' saying that Arrgh wanted escalation to a full blown war as they had not agreed to their demands. A day after the war began, peace was agreed upon in the Rum War where Arrgh was also fighting Mensa HQ, Seven Kingdoms, and Guardian. On February 17, 2016 Cobalt announced that Rose had canceled their treaty. Cobalt later disbanded on February 29.

Peace Talks

Peace talks were attempted by Cobalt shortly after the conflict began but due to early demands of reps and other conditions to Arrgh no agreement was made.


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