Wall Of Hell Treaty

Night's Watch
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Treaty Type: MDoAP
Treaty Signed: October 27, 2016
Treaty Terminated: November 5, 2016
Treaty Status: Defunct

The Wall Of Hell Treaty was a Mutual Defense and Optional Aggression Pact signed between the Night's Watch and Oblivion, both protectorates of Valyria, on October 27, 2016. It was canceled a week later on November 5, 2016 by Oblivion shortly after the Night of the Knights war began between Black Knights and Night's Watch though in the cancellation announcement they declared it was unrelated and had to do with Valyria's leadership.


Article I:Edit

Night's Watch and Oblivion come together as friends and Sign the Wall of Hell Treaty. If friendly fire happens the other alliance will cover the cost and talk over it without any conflict.

Article II:Edit

Night's Watch and Oblivion has agreed on sharing information with each other. Both sides are also encouraged to share technological and monetary assistance with the other if requested.

Article III:Edit

If Night's Watch or Oblivion comes under attacked, the other side will send military support to help each other. If this is a third-party request then it becomes optional. Each signatory also has the option of fighting aggressively alongside the other.

Article IV:Edit

Should either Party wish to cancel this treaty, it may be canceled at any time with proper notification of the other Party, followed by 72 hours. After the 72 hours has passed the treaty is nullified.

Signed for Night’s WatchEdit

  • Lord Commander of Foreign Affairs - Eddad Stark
  • Lord Commander of Military Affairs - Ctigrisht
  • Lord Commander of Internal; Affairs - Margaret Thatcher

Signed for OblivionEdit

  • Leader and Foreign Affairs: Park
  • Minister of Fiance: Lank
  • Minister of War: Master
  • Minister of Internal Affairs: Ockey5
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