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Treaty Type: ODP
Treaty Signed: May 29, 2015
Treaty Canceled: October 2016
Treaty Status: Canceled

WTFark was an Optional Defense Pact signed between Fark and the World Task Force on May 29, 2015. It was silently canceled sometime in October 2016 with Fark removing it from their alliance description first and WTF following a few days later.


Fark was sitting alone at a table in a bar, He looked somewhat lonely. It was clear to WTF what he must do. WTF walks up to Fark and says “Hey, want a drink?” They sit down for a bit and shoot the shiat with one another. WTF reaches into his pocket and scribbles on a piece of paper:


It's a rough world out there, lots of dangerous people, it's best not to go alone. That's why Fark and the World Task Force have sought each other out, as friends, beer buddies and bros.

Rule 1: Sovereignty and RespectEdit

You got to recognize and respect the sovereignty of each other, disrespect ain't cool.

Rule2: Peace, broEdit

While other pubbies may be stupid enough to try and fight out their problems, we're friends and don't do that. We've got to sort out our problems peacefully.

Rule 3: Intel and InfoEdit

If either buddy finds out some information that could end up with the other buddy being hurt, make sure to tell them, it's only fair.

Rule 4: BackupEdit

If your buddy is attacked, it'd be appreciated to have some backup, but it's not required.

Rule 5: Pest removalEdit

There's a lot of pests in this bar, some people call them “raiders.” Both buddies agree to help out with pest removal when they choose to.

Rule 6: BreakupEdit

If you don't want to be friends no more, just give a buddy some time to adjust, 72 hours to be exact.

tl;dr: It's an ODP

Signed for FarkEdit

  • Reaper - Head of IA
  • Slick Johnson - Head of FA
  • Souparmon - Head of War

Signed for WTFEdit

  • Vosunda - Belgian beer guy
  • Nintendo - Master Hand
  • Fiadon Clevae - Kinda a Big Dealn
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