War Hero
Vital statistics
Position Fmr. General of the Khevin Rebel Army
Age Eighteen when killed
Status Deceased, KIA
Physical attributes
Height 6' 0"
Weight 179 lbs
Vorge; a soldier, a man, and a hero to most, but more importantly, an ally and a friend, killed for aiding the Khevinist rebellion.

A Friend Edit

Vorge met Vladimir Zhogin at Minsk University in 1985, which during war time was a bunker for the Khevinist Forces. Vorge and Zhogin had very close political inclinations, which made them be very good friends. Vorge's ideals mixed with Zhogin's and wrote some of the Zhoginist Manifesto or in Khevinist, She Zhoginist Manifetso. Zhogin cried at Vorge's funeral after Zhogin personally torured and killed the sniper who killed him in the battle of Tokiaqitm.

A RebelEdit

Vorge was also a troublemaker. He was imprisoned for hacking into Soviet databases to gain information. Early in his life his mother and father beat him because of his mischiefs. Because of his sacrifice in Tokiaqitm, Khevin became a sovereign state. His parents thought his mischievous attitude would be no good; they were wrong.

A Soldier Edit

He killed over 300 Soviet men in the Khevinist Rebellion. He used guerrilla tactics in the conquering of northwestern Belarus.

A HeroEdit

He had the city of Vorge named after him. He also has statues of himself throughout all of Khevin's cities.

Important Dates Edit

July 10, 1969- Vorge is born.

March 20 1985- Vladimir Zhogin meets 16 year old Vorge.

March 28 1985- Vorge is imprisoned for hacking.

May 6 1985- Zhogin rallies Khevinists to prepare for a revolution during Vorge's prison time.

July 28 1985- Vorge is released from prison.

August 9 1985- Vladimir and Vorge led the Khevinist cult (date created unknown)to their first victory in the surprise revolution. They conquered Minsk and created the city of Tokiaqitm.

September 30 1985- The soviets launch an attack to reclaim Tokiaqitm, but fail.

December 25 1985- November 13 1987- Soviets suffer heavy casualties against Zhogin's and Vorge's guerilla tactics. Khevin takes all of Northwest Belarus.

November 14 1987- Vorge is killed in action by a Soviet sniper in the battle of Tokiaqitm, who is later that day captured, tortured, and murdered personally by Vladimir Zhogin.

November 15 1987-Vorge's funeral. Zhogin openly cries after all the lives lost in the revolution and brings about his religious beliefs in his eulogy. (Later known as Advanced Islam)

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