Warning: this contains mentions of Socialism and Bolshevik Leader ripoffs. If your a Capitalist do not read.


The Voniadyan Revolution occured On: (Despite the factbooks words, the factbook got it wrong. I messed up while writing the Facctbook) December 14th, 2026. Vladmir Lonid and his small band of Rebels grew in ssize from 10,567 original Rebels, To 41,432. The Revolutionaries overthrew the Tsar of Voniadya, Establishing a socialist regime. The army collapsed, Voniadya went virtually extinct until the Socialist Rebirth, When the population finally settled at 1,000. The Population continued to grow after.


The Star is Voniadya's official News Organization. It is heavily subjected to censorship.


The Voniadyan National Anthem, Defe Triemfe Ofed Socialieskamertu, Translation: The Triumph Of Socialism, Goes like this:

(Not in the Voniadyan Language):

Oh, The Star flies brightly over our great land,

Its the Star of Socialism,

We will not have it be taken down,

The Red Star Arny Salutes it, Ans ao do all of The Citizens,

Oh, Lonid, He Fights for Our Freedom,

Workers, Unite!

We will salute the Red Star.

Oh, Socialism, Is our Cause,

We shall not stop, Or be conquered.


The Language is quite simple, Most words are English.

These are the Voniadyan Language Words:

Defe: The

Triemfe: Triumph

Ofed: Of

Socialieskamertu: Socialism

Citiayrek: City

Staryke: Star

Komradontease: Comrade

Englosuekeyr: English

ALL ENGLISH WORDS END WITH DYRQ At the end (Dyrq is pronounced Durkod)

If your a Capitalist, This article may have just made it seem like someone puked Socialism all over Capitalism

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