The War Edit

The Viridian War of Secession was a conflict that started in late December and ended in early January. The night before the war began one of the seceding nations tried to negotiate with the Triumvir and all but one of them approved of a payment plan. It was the Triumvir member who wouldn't negotiate who made the official war declaration on behalf of VE. The War involved 2 sides: The Viridian Entente and 2 seceding nations (in the early stages it involved the whole alliance of the now defunct Yugo-Pact). The war initially was over the debt owed by these seceding nations. Near the end the war became a War of Lies in which VE and the seceding nations both made accusations about each other faking logs.

The Peace Edit

In the end the Seceding nations surrendered after putting up a fierce resistance, the terms being heavily pressed by VE. The seceding nations each paid 22 million in reparations and admit to faking logs. These nations, in the end, ended up joining Paragon soon after.

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