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Following the coup d'eat of Viridian Entente by Olorin, many members left including senior members Seeker, Moonpie, and Codonian. As a result the Viridian Entente became deeply divided. Many alliances established positions and stances in support of either Viridian Entente or "The Viridian Entente." Alliances Lordaeron and Holy Britannia Empire supported The Viridian Entente as the legitimate and Rose supported Viridian Entente likewise. In the ensuing days there was rapid military buildup in anticipation of armed conflict. During this period of tension and confusion, most of the top tier members of VE deleted and left the alliance. Mensa HQ also was rumored to attack The Viridian Entente (This was later used as The Inquisition and co's CB during The Trail of Tiers)

The conflict ended with a peace talk between the two government. Ultimately Olorin and most of his supporters left for Rose and later formed the The Dark brotherhood. MoonPie and Seeker proceeded to retake the Viridian Entente, with Seeker as its new lord. However, despite victory for The Viridian Entente, the alliance was heavily weakened from members deleting and weakened.


It was like my duty or something idk.

Britannia Stands with Viridia

Lordaeron Announcement regarding The Viridian Entente

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