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Victory is a war-related concept. Victory in a war ends the war and moves the defeated player to beige. It gives the defeated nation protection from new defensive wars, but existing wars may continue. To achieve victory, you must reduce your opponent's Resistance to 0.

The current fastest way of reducing resistance to 0 is by achieving 5 Naval Immense Triumphs, and 3 Ground Immense Triumphs.

Winning a war has 4 consequences;

  1. The losing nation's color is changed to beige for 2 days but it's removed on June 29, 2020.
  2. The nation's stockpiles of both money and resources are looted by the winner; 10% of money and 10% of all resources. Credits cannot be looted. These values are modified by War Type as well as War Policy.
  3. The nation loses up to 10% of infra in all cities; e.g. x city at 500 infra loses 50 infra, y city at 900 infra loses 90. This value is modified by War Type as well as War Policy.
  4. The alliance bank of the nation is looted, with the formula:
MIN((Nation Score / Alliance Score)*AS %, 33%)

where AS = extra random parameter.

Here is an example of a victory message:

Nation A looted $16,754, 77 Coal, 11 Oil, 19 Uranium, 68 Iron, 5 Bauxite, 15 Lead, 52 Gasoline, 242 Munitions, 31 Steel, 35 Aluminum, and 2,422 Food. Nation B also lost 10% of the infrastructure in each of their cities.

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