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(C-14 Impaler)

Vicky gun.png
Type Gauss Rifle
Place of origin DC Flag.png Armed Republic of Dvinmiste Capia
Service history
In service 2029-Present
Used by Zenya Kurtarov
Production history
Designer Dvinmiste Capia Research Facility
Manufacturer Dvinmiste Capia Research Facility
Unit cost $80.3 trillion
Produced Just one in 2029
Weight 24kg (unloaded)

28kg (loaded)

Cartridge 250-round detachable box magazine
Cartridge weight 4kg
Caliber 8 mm armor-piercing
Action Fully automatic
Rate of fire 30 rounds per second
Muzzle velocity 2400 m/s
Effective range 750 m
Maximum range 1500 m

The C-14 Impaler gauss rifle is a prototype weapon donated to Zenya Kurtarov by the scientists of Dvinmiste Capia Research Facility, after spending several hours on the shooting range with their new toy, Zenya ordered them to destroy the rest of the models and burn the planes of the weapon, because according to her "this thing is too cool to share it, I'll call her 'Vicky' "


Vicky usually fires hypersonic 8 mm armor-piercing metal "spikes" which can penetrate up to two inches of steel plating. The rounds themselves are encased in steel. While the rifle is gauss-assisted, it still utilizes traditional means to firing projectiles such as gunpowder, which is known to cause issues with the rifle when the ammunition becomes wet. The magnetic induction that gives the gauss rifle its name is achieved via a magnetic accelerator pack within the gun.

Vicky is fully automatic with a fire rate of 30 rounds per second, although fully automatic fire is discouraged under most circumstances. A capacitor system is used to fire the weapon in short bursts, conserving ammunition and minimizing power requirements. Due to this, the Vicky has high recoil; only some people can use it. Vicky has been used as automatic base defense weapon, mounted on a tower.


Vicky is capable of firing a wide variety of ammunition:

  • Armor piercing: Used against heavily armored targets
  • Depleted uranium: Encompass U-238 shells/spikes.
  • Hollow point spread: Flatten and expand on impact for maximum wounding efficiency.
  • Incendiary: Used against structures
  • Steel tipped: Used to maim rather than kill an enemy