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Vassal Liberation War
Date 04-06 Dec 2016
Casus belli TEst claim: Liberating Valyria's vassals

Valyria claim: TEst countering a counter-raid

Result White Peace
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Nuclear Raidmas
Terminus Est Flag.png
Terminus Est
Arrgh Raidmas Flag.png
Valyria Flag.png

Terminus Est Flag.png Prefontaine
Arrgh Raidmas Flag.png Immeral Ilimaris

Valyria Flag.png Bluebear

94 nations
242,112 score
51 nations
52,051 score

The Vassal Liberation War was a conflict launched by Terminus Est against Valyria on 04 December 2016 claiming that they were doing so to liberate Valyria's vassal alliances. Valyria recognized the hostilities and claimed it all began due to a Valyria government member drunkenly countering a raid by a TEst and Roz Wei member against a Order of Storms nation, one of their vassals. Arrgh! later announced support for TEst and some Arrgh members began raiding Valyria. White peace was declared two days later.

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