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Valkyrie Treasure War
Date 16-17 October 2016
Casus belli Contract with The Syndicate to sell Valkyrie's treasure
Result Arrgh sells treasure to The Syndicate and gives cut of payment to Valkyrie
Preceded by
Lunar Communist War
Succeeded by
War of Trust
Valkyrie Flag.jpg

Arrgh.png Immeral Ilimaris

Valkyrie Flag.jpg Chris

55 nations
62,284 score
37 nations
51,411 score

The Valkyrie Treasure War was an conflict between Valkyrie and Arrgh! which began on 16 October 2016 when Arrgh declared war on a Valkyrie nation which a treasure spawned in. Prior to stealing the treasure, Arrgh pre-emptively sold it to The Syndicate who had a nation temporarily join Arrgh to declare war and take it with Arrgh back up. Due to the wars launched on the treasure nation, Valkyrie began to retaliate against Arrgh causing an escalation of counters on both sides. Despite this, the Syndicate nation successfully stole the treasure. After receiving payment for the treasure procurement contract, Arrgh agreed to give a cut of the money to Valkyrie and the conflict was declared over.

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