This alliance was annexed into Church of Spaceology on 4 December 2019.


Valinor Flag.png
Flag of Valinor

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Basic Details
Founded October 3rd 2018
Color Pink
Status Defunct
Discord Server Join Here
Lady of Magic
  • Vexz
Lord of Visions and Dreams
  • Captain Bezzers
  • Paul LePage (EA)
  • Pasky Darkfire (IA)
  • Utz (MA)
  • Redarmy (FA)
  • Joe Stupid (MA)
  • Bird Shorten (IA)
  • Basil (IA)
As of May 18th 2019
Total Nations 45
Score 102,415.24
Average Score 2,275.89
Alliance Rank 29
Active Blocs
Active Treaties
MDP Church of Spaceology

Valinor (Val) was a pink team alliance founded on October 3rd 2018. While originally being protected by Rose, it signed Church of Spaceology on February 17th, 2019.


"Have you heard of the Lady of the Stars? She is indeed one of the truest to roam this world of mortals."

Valinor is from the LoTR lore. It's the home of the Valar, the all mighty gods who created all that is Middle Earth, and also the home of Elves who have decided to leave Middle Earth, for a restful life in Valinor's cities. Valinor is said to be above Middle Earth, with a secret passage that only Elves know of being the only way to ascend to it. 


Pre-CoS Period (10/03/18 - 2/17/19)

Valinor was tied to Rose and was a small, admittedly fairly inactive alliance with a close community, many of which have moved on or left the game at present day.

After Signing CoS (2/17/19 - Present)

Valinor opened recruitment for the first time and grew into the top 50.

The Great Smofftopia Migration (4/1/19)

Many members of government left the alliance for the April Fools day alliance Smofftopia, bringing the alliance from about 90k score to 70k in a matter of an hour or so.

The Elyion Resistance (4/12/19)

Multiple members of Valinor changed their nicknames on discord to "Elyion", the nickname used by Vexz on the server, and changed their profile pictures to match her's, dubbing themselves the "Elyion Singularity". A small resistance rose against the Singularity and temporarily defected from the alliance launching joke wars on Vexz.

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