Well I decided to make this blog out of extreme boredom, so I'll just start off about now

My name ( RL ) is Zafri Zackery, I'm 15 and I've been living in Singapore about my entire life. Currently I'm a student in a local secondary school with ambitions of working in the business industry after graduating from a university hopefully. I have many interests honestly, which particularly revolve around anime ^-^

I have many musical talents in playing anime music on the piano as a hobby and I also play alto, tenor and baritone saxophone, trumpet, clarinet and the tube because I'm a member of my school band

Artistically, I've drawn a couple of anime characters such as Ciel Phantomhive from Black Butler, Armin Arlert from Attack on Titan and various Hetalia characters. Most of them look good for a normal person, but in all honesty, they're pretty mediocre compared to other ones I've seen

Academically, I'm current studying English, Malay Language, Mathmatics, Accounting, Combined Physics and Chemistry and Combined History and Social Studies. I'm currently the top in Mathmatics, Accounting, Physics and Chemistry but I suck and barely passed my language skills. I'm hoping to improve on or maintain my current grades to ensure my success in the future.

Physically, I won't say I'm talented in that area. Due to my overweight stature, I have a hatred for running and the only sport that I enjoy playing nowadays is badminton. Also, I've also been diagnosed with OCD, to the point where I forced myself to be perfectly ambidextrpus,and Bi-Polarity. I don't really think it's a setback honestly. It just makes me more unique ^-^ To add on, I've also recently fractured my right arm after a fall and it had to put in a cast. This is the only time I don't regret being ambidextrous ^-^

So yeah, that's about all you probably want to know about me. If you have any questions about me or maybe want a RL pic or something, just leave it in the comments below. Thanks for reading this and I do hope that you enjoy your day and all that.

PS: You would not believe how long it took me to type this out, especially when I'm only using one hand, it's 11:30pm now and the fact that I can barely even see the keyboard due to the terrible brightness of my laptop :P