New Pacific Order

New Pacific Order Flag
Flag of New Pacific Order

New Pacific Order Flag
War Flag of New Pacific Order

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Basic Details
Founded December 1st, 2015
Headquarters Australia
Color Orange
Discord Server Join Here
Emperor Roquentin
Regent Lord of Darkness
Lord Commander Shadowthrone
Master of the Adeptus
Astra Telepathica
(Foreign Affairs)
Grand Provost Marshal
(Internal Affairs)
Crayon King
Master of Administratum
Eric The Red
(Public Affairs/Media)
Edward I
Imperator Emeritus Frawley
As of November 13, 2019
Total Nations 135
Score 305,370.76
Average Score 2,257.52
Alliance Rank 2
Active Blocs
ODoAP/Protectorate Galactic Republic
MDoAP Let's Be Drinking Buddies!
MDAP [[Opus Dei]]
Active Treaties
MDoAP The Syndicate
MDP Orange Defense Network
MDoAP House Stark
MDoAP United Socialist Nations
MDoAP Dark Brotherhood
MDAP Polaris
Protectorate Central Imperial Union
Protectorate The United States of America
Protectorate Goon Squad
Protectorate The Warriors
Protectorate Beacon Inc
Protectorate Strickland Propane
Protectorate Heavens Gate
Protectorate The Vortex of Time
Protectorate Guinea Pig Whaling Corp
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