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Nova Riata

Nova Riata Flag Flag of Nova Riata

Overking Uriah the Fox
Line Cook - FA of Soup Kitchen
Basic Information
Founded 03/24/2018
Color Purple
National Statistics
Government Type Constitutional Monarchy Constitutional Monarchy
Social Policies Liberal Liberal
Economic Policies Far Left Far Left
Religion Church of the Foxy Boof
Military Strength
Score 1350
Infantry 200,000
Tanks 0
Aircraft 0
Ships 0
Spies wouldnt you like to know
Missiles 2
Nuclear Warheads 1
Other Cities 18

Positions Held Edit

Positions Type Date Alliance
Line Cook Low Gov FA 6/17/2019-


Soup Kitchen
Overking Leader 6/1/2019-


Nova Riata
Hand of the Overking 2nd in Command 9/21/2018-


Nova Riata
Animator Low Gov FA Animation Domination
Brigadeer General Milcom North Atlantic

Treaty Organization

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