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Nova Riata

Nova Riata Flag Flag of Nova Riata

Merlin Uriah the Fox
Merlin of Camelot
Basic Information
Founded 03/24/2018
Color Maroon
National Statistics
Government Type Absolute Monarchy Absolute Monarchy
Social Policies Liberal Liberal
Economic Policies Far Left Far Left
Religion Sneaky Fox Society
Pollution 0 points
GDP $8.3 bn
Civilians 7,073,188
Area 70,000 mi²
Avg. Pop. Density 101.05 people per mi²
Military Strength
Military name Hebridean Legion
Nation Rank #501
Score 3,370
Spies Sneaky Foxes
National Capital Dun Sgaith
Other Cities 20

Uriah the Fox is the current Merlin and Co-leader of Camelot and the last Overking of Nova Riata

History Edit

Uriah 'the Fox' of Nova Riata appeared in-game during late March of 2018 towards the end of Ayyslamic Crusade as the leader of Rheoth. He eventually joined a small alliance named North Atlantic Treaty Organization and immediately became a member of its government as a milcom officer. After a forced merger event by Animation Domination , Uriah joined them under the promise that he will gain a position in their government.

After a month of persistence, El Barto, leader of Animation Domination, eventually allowed Uriah into the ranks of their government as a Foreign Affairs low gov. Uriah met several new members who he would eventually work on a new project with, mainly the fellow government members Beans and Pooball.

Pooball, Beans, and Uriah decided that their time in Animation Domination became stale, so they planned to make their own alliance. After a few weeks of planning, Nova Riata was born, with Uriah himself giving it the name and developing the theme. Uriah became second in command (Hand of the Overking) and head of Foreign Affairs for the new alliance that was a protectorate of the then #1 Alliance The Knights Radiant .

A Month after forming Nova, war broke out and Nova was hit by Pantheon , Starting Uriah's involvement in Knightfall . This war proved to be the longest global in Orbis history at the time and Uriah fought all the way through, with his nation reaching almost 0 infrastructure in every city.

Post Knightfall, Uriah continued being second in command for Nova Riata and became a major force in making the culture for the growing alliance and wrote its Charter. eventually he and his alliance mates would gain their long awaited revenge against Pantheon in The Great Sock War and joined the Chaos bloc's war against KETOG in Surf's Up.

Unfortunately, good times were coming to an end as reports came in that Pooball, Uriah's trusted friend and Overking of Nova Riata, was caught exploiting a duplication glitch, starting the Nova Riata Crisis and Nova's Cheat Day. On June 1st, Uriah coup'd Pooball from the Overking position, becoming the last Overking of Nova Riata, and announced Nova's disbandment on the forums (End of the Great Sock War and Mr.Fox's Last Stand)

Positions Held Edit

Positions Type Date Alliance
Merlin Co-Leader 03/12/2020-Present Day Camelot
King Leader 11/15/2019-03/12/2020 GGFU
Righ Leader 9/13/2019-11/15/2019 Riocht Sasana
Line Cook Low Gov FA 6/17/2019- Soup Kitchen
Overking Leader 6/1/2019-


Nova Riata
Hand of the Overking 2nd in Command 9/21/2018-


Nova Riata
Animator Low Gov FA Animation Domination
Brigadeer General Milcom North Atlantic

Treaty Organization

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