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Uranicus Socialitas

Uranicus Socialitas Flag
Flag of Uranicus Socialitas

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Basic Details
Founded 22nd March 2015
Headquarters North America
Color White
Status Merged
President & Vice President Luckynako & Abbas Mehdi
MoIA Redarmy
MoFA Vlad the Implier
MoF Jefferson Davis III
MoT Sheppard
MoW Kim Jong-Il
Active Blocs
Active Treaties
MDoAP Rose

The Uranicus Socialitas, founded on 22nd or March, 2015, is an alliance created for the purpose of having experienced players bond with each other through education,dedication and leadership. The Uranicus Socialitas was founded by McMelvin, Luckynako, Zafrizackery, Jefferson Davis, Sheppard, and Redarmy.

Uranicus Socialitas is an elite, highly active, alliance composed of committed and experienced players who are bound together through fellowship and dedication. Uranicus Socialitas is highly selective in who is admitted within our ranks and our recruitment process is open to only those who are willing to prove their dedication and activity in our community. The meaning of the word "Uranicus Socialitas" is "Heavenly Fellowship" which clearly bears a resemblance to the aim or purpose of the foundation of the alliance.

Uranicus Socialitas is, at first, a purple alliance but eventually found themselves change the color to white.

However, Uranicus Socialitas has officially closed down on 8th August 2015 after completing its merging process to Rose.

Government Edit

The Government of The Uranicus Socialitas is composed of two Senior Executives, four Ministers, and two Justices.

  • President: Luckynako
  • Vice President: Abbas Mehdi
  • Minister of Interior Affairs: Redarmy
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs: Vlad the Implier
  • Minister of Defense: Kim Jong-Il
  • Minister of Finance:Jefferson Davis III
  • Minister of Treasury: Sheppard
  • Justices: Darkworld & Redarmy

Diplomatic Relations Edit

Uranicus Socialitas currently has diplomatic ties with other alliances existed in the world of Orbis such as Rose, Veridian Entente, Guardian, VEIC, Green Protection Agency and more. Uranicus Socialitas has its own stance towards the ongoing political affairs which has put them in unique position over the world's ongoing political affairs between alliances.


See Official Charter of Uranicus Socialitas

Merging to Rose Edit

The merging process to Rose by the Uranicus Socialitas alliance has started and finally completed on 8th August 2015 which saw majority of their members transferred or merged to Rose. The date of which Uranicus Socialitas merged to Rose officially became the date of which Uranicus Socialitas closed down.

Some of the Uranicus Socialitas members, however, chose not to leave the alliance for some reasons. The remaining members of Uranicus Socialitas who chose not to leave the alliance but to stay can be seen here. The remaining members of Uranicus Socialitas is known as "The Last US Members".

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