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Basic Details
Founded 17/08/2020
Headquarters Africa
Color Lime
Status Active
Discord Server Join Here
Sultan HaxBaba
Ameer Babur
Foreign Affairs Devil, Abdul Hamid
Defense abdullah2804
Economic Affairs CrownHunter
Internal Affairs Rasputin
Score 70172.01
Average Score 1799.28
Alliance Rank 50
Active Blocs
Active Treaties
MDP Kebab Store
ODoAP The Knights of The Stratosphere
Protectorate The Lost Empire

United Ummah (UU) is an Alliance founded on 17th August 2020, by HaxBaba, Babur and some others. It was formed by a group of people called the 'Eastern Society', which planned the creation of the alliance. It is well-known for being the most powerful Islamic-based alliance in Orbis, and one of the few Islamic-based alliances as well.


We, United Ummah, a unique alliance in PnW which was formed in 17/08/2020. But it wasn't formed suddenly without proper political planning. It’s past were more glorious than now it is....

Here are the stages of formation:

Stage 1: Scattered Lone Lions started to gather.

We were all in different alliance at first like all others. We didn't use to know each others. But in mind we all had the same plan and same ambition. A glorious ambition of creating a only Muslim leaded alliance in the game. And for accomplishing our goal we came together and knock each others for creating a community. And here we come to our second stage.

Stage 2: Creation of Eastern Society.

Well, though the name contains “Eastern”, actually it doesn't represent all easterns literally. Actually our Sultan Haxbaba chosen it because it's opposite of “Western”. And you all know about present conflict of two contradict civilization.

By the way, after coming together, we created a discord Muslim community named “Eastern Society”. There the all lion cubs forged a lion clan, lead by Haxbaba. There we used to discuss our future plan and recruiting our other brothers as well. And this stage was running for 3 months.

Stage 3: United Ummah came to existence.

Suddenly majority of us inflicted with tons of war and our relation with our present alliance weren't too much vibrant. So we felt the importance of our own authority too much. At first our plan was we would create alliance after next coming global war. But there were some disadvantages of that plan. Firstly we weren't sure when would the global conflict break out. And secondly, we were already tired of our Lone Lion life. So despite of becoming infected of bully of other giant alliances we didn’t hesitate to rush to tap the create button. And tapping that button was done by respected Sadaf. Sadaf was our temporary leader.

Stage 4: Emigrating from different alliance to UU.

We all weren’t ready for emigration. So it needed about 10 days  to be prepared. After that we chosen Haxbaba as our sultan through discussion of our “Consolation Council”(CC) which is consist of honests and well educated brothers. After appointing Sultan Haxbaba he is leading UU with help of CC towards path of glory and victory.

Our Govt Structure:

Our government isn't any conventional government type. We have only one leader at a time who is selected but not elected by Consultation Council. It's neither a mainstream noocracy nor a meritocracy. It's totally unique and more pragmatic.

Here is a short introduction-

Sultan- Highest Authority of alliance selected by Consultation Council. War declaration or signing treaty or posting public announcement can't be done without his permission.

Ameer- An assistant of Sultan selected by Sultan. He can do jobs of Sultan in case sultan is busy.

Consultation Council- Wazeer, made of Military, Econ, Foreign and Internal Affairs man. It's consisted of some cold hearted  honest, truthful and deep knowledgeable youths who know what to do and what they're doing.

Monthly Anonymous Feedback Submission Program- Here our members can say their opinion, suggestion, feedback and even  criticism of our governing and present policy. Consultation Council takes these feedbacks very seriously and take proper action.

Governor- It's a temporary and low govt post sometimes made by Consultation Council for enforcing law or organizing members or creating a bond or doing govt job properly.

Members- They are like citizens whose responsibility of security and prosperity taken by Government.


Our government structure is simply nice, well formed and over all pragmatic.

Active Treaties

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