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 United States of Sorenson
 was newest nation led by King Liam Johnson. They were founded on May 9th, 2019 (On orbis date: Dec. 8th, 2039). The small Nation of an population is 844,995. The Nation is based off USA (Congress/Cabinet) and Canada (Cities/States) and Britain (Gov.) in real life. The nation's Captial is Barrhead. Congress and Council and States are from USA/Canada. The Motto is Alberta Strong. The nation has 3 states forever. The Nation's anthem is Oh Canada. Our Social Policy is Liberal and Our economic Policy is Far Left. They have only 2 political parties for Congress, but in the Cabinet has 3 Political Parties. Current Head of State is Jennifer Johnson Jr. We have the high Radiation Index at 866.55 R. Their governement is Consititutional Monarchy.  The nation is Disbanded on July 20th after 2 months and 11 days of creation.

King's Cabinet/Line of SuccessionEdit

Liam's Cabinet and Line of Succession has members in it, but the deputies are not allowed to be in a party.

Queen: Jennifer Johnson Jr (R)

Vice President: Jack White (I)

Chief of Staff to the Cabinet: Sam Louder (D)

King's Cabinet:

Speaker of House: Ben Gunner (D-BC)

Senate Majority Leader: Kelly Teller (R-Manitoba)

President pro tempore of Senate: William Turner (D-Manitoba)

Chief Justice of SCoUS: Jan Funner (I)

Sec. of State: Chris Parks (R)

  • Deupty: John Hopper

Sec. of Treasury: Zach Nightrider (R)

  • Deupty: Phillip King

Sec. of Defense: Gen Adam Moon-Park (D) 

  • Deupty: Danny Hunter 

Attoney General: Henry Bailer (R)

  • Deupty: Matt Louder

Sec. of  Interior: Ian Slow (D)

  • Deupty: Sam Keeper

Sec. of Agriculture: George Johnson (I)

  • Deupty: Franics Gunner

Sec. of Commerce: Ben Johnson (R)

  • Deupty: Sam Keeper

Sec. of Labour: Jerry Johnson (D)

  • Deupty: Henry West

Sec. of Human and Heatlh Services: Ned Johnson (D)

  • Deupty:  Jimmy Burner

Sec. of HUD: Tim Pepper (R)

  • Deupty: George Freeman

Sec. of Transportion: Lee Green (I) 

  • Deupty: Bob Faster

Sec. of Energy: Steve Hobbs (D)

  • Deupty: Charile Brown

Sec. of Veterans Affiar: Lillian Johnson (R) 

  • Deupty: Pat Runner

Sec. of Homeland Security: Jillian Johnson (D) 

  • Deupty: Joesph Kinder

List of Former Council MembersEdit

7 resigned from office, 2 died in office, 1 removed from office.

Name of Council Member (LifeSpan): Party with: Council Job: Yrs in Office (How long served in office): Notes:
Joe Faster (1998-) Republican Sec. of Transportion December 8th, 2038- Sept. 20th, 2040 (Year and 9 months and 12 days) Resigned from office
Nate Keeper (1990-) Democratic Sec. of Health and Human Services December 8th, 2038-September 20th, 2040 (Year and 9 months and 12 days) Resigned from office
Victor Freeman (1999-) Democratic Sec. of Energy December 8th, 2038- October 14th, 2040 (Year and 10 months) Resigned from office
Jack Hopper (2000-) Republican Vice President of US December 8th, 2038- October 26th, 2040 (Year and 10 months) Resigned from Office

Robert Andrews (2000-40)

Republican Vice President of US October 26th, 2040-December 5th, 2040 (Month and  9 days) Died in Office (Assassinated)
Tom Freedom (1998-) Democratic Sec. of Homeland and Security  Decemeber 8th, 2038-September 17th, 2041 (2 yrs and 9 months and 9 days) Resigned from Office
Glenn Speed (1990-) Democratic Sec. of Enegry Decmeber 8th, 2038-September 26th, 2041 (2 yrs and 9 months and 18 days) Resigned from Office
Manny Funny (2000-) Republican Sec. of Veterans Affairs Decmember 8th, 2038-October 8th, 2041 (2 yrs and 10 months) Removed from Office 
ADM Hank Jumper (1990-) Independent Sec. of Defense Decmember 8th, 2038-October 9th, 2041 (2 yrs and 10 months and 1 day) Resigned from Office
Liam Johnson (2002-42) Republican KOTUS December 8th, 2038-April 19th, 2042 (3 yrs and 4 months and 11 days) Died in Office (Natural Causes)

List of VPEdit

There has been only 3 VP so far.

1. Jack  Hopper was the First VP (2038-40)

2. Robert Andrews was the Second VP (2040)

3. Jack White is the Current and 3rd VP. (2040-)

US CongressEdit

List of Political PartiesEdit

  • Republican Party 

- Current Opposition Government

  • Democratic Party 

- Current Majoirty Government

Current Leadership of CongressEdit

There is 11 leaders in both chambers of the US Congress.

  1. President of the Senate: Jack White
  2. Speaker of the House: Rep. Ben Gunner
  3. Senate Majority Leader: Sen. Kelly Teller
  4. Senate Minority Leader: Sen. John Andrews
  5. House Majority Leader: Rep. Ben Slow
  6. House Minority Leader: Rep. Walter Boone
  7. President pro tempore of Senate: Sen. William Turner
  8. Democratic Senate Caucus Chair: Sen. John Banks
  9. Republican Senate Conference Chair: Sen. Levi Happer
  10. House Republican Conference Chair: Rep. Jan Waters
  11. House Democratic Causes Chair: Rep. Fred White

List of Cabinet Congress VotesEdit

This is where for acting or new members get the House and Senate votes to be official members of cabinet.

  • Jillian Johnson: 3-2 (passed the Senate)/ 3-2 (passed the House). 
  • Steve Hobbs: 3-2 (passed the Senate)/ 3-2 (passed the House).
  • Lillian Johnson: 3-2 ( passed the Senate)/ 3-2 (passed the House).
  • General Adam Moon-Park: 3-2 (passed the Senate)/ 3-2 (passed the House).

List of Former Congress MembersEdit

This is where any member of Congress

Name: State: Party: Position: # of Term (s): Notes: Seat:
Joesph Kinder Manitoba Democratic Representive-Manitoba, House Democratic Causes Chair 1 Moved to the Cabinet 3
Pat Runner BC Democratic Senator-BC, Democratic Senate Caucus Chair 1 Moved to the Cabinet 3
Charile Brown Alberta Republican Representive-AB, House Republican Conference Chair 1 Moved to the cabinet 3
Danny Hunter  Alberta Republican Republican Senate Conference Chair, Senator-AB 1 Moved to the Cabinet 2

State Senators, RepresentivesEdit

There ten members are bolded as they are Congresscial leadership. the ones in bold stay but others will go to the council. Here are the three States in the nation:

State of Alberta Edit

1 Republican

  1. Rep. Ben Slow (R) (House Majority Leader)
  2. Sen. Levi Happer (R) (Republican Senate Conference Chair)
  3. Rep. Jan Waters (R) (House Republican Conference Chair)

This State is Republican controlled, they have 1 congressical leaders. There are 3 seats.

State of BC Edit

1 Republican and 2 Democratic and 1 Independent.

  1. Sen. John Andrews (R) (Senate Minorty Leader)
  2. Rep. Ben Gunner (D) (Speaker of the House)
  3. Sen. John Banks (I) (Democratic Senate Caucus Chair)
  4. Rep. Walter Boone (D) (House Minority Leader)

This State is both, they have 4 congressical leaders. There are 4 seats.

State of ManitobaEdit

3 Democratics

  1. Sen. Kelly Teller (D) (Senate Majority Leader)
  2. Sen. William Turner (D) (Presiedent pro tempore of Senate) 
  3. Rep. Fred White (D) (House Democratic Causes Chair)

This State is Democratic controlled, they have 3 congressical leaders. There are 3 seats.

List of Elections:Edit

Name: State: Party: W or L (votes): Notes: Seat: Other Candidate: Other Candidate Party:
John Banks BC Independent Won (3-0) Mayor of Vancouver (x3) 3 Jack Danger Republican
Fred White Manitoba Democratic Won (2-0) Mayor of Brandon (x2) 3 ========= =========
Levi Happer Alberta Republican Won (1-0) Captain is US Army, Mayor of Westlock (x3) 2 ======== =========
Jan Waters Alberta Republican Won (2-0) Mayor of Barrhead (x5) 3 Benny Down Independent

List of CitiesEdit

The nation has 10 cities for now. National Capital will be all three B/I/U.

  1. Barrhead (National Captial/Metro/City): Over 100,000
  2. Westlock (State of AB, Captial/City/Metro): Over 100,000
  3. Jasper (City/Metro): Over 50,000
  4. Edmonton (City/Metro):Over 50,000
  5. Calgary (City/Metro): Over 50,000
  6. Vancouver (State of BC, Capital/City/Metro): Over 50,000
  7. Victoria (City/Metro): Over 50,000
  8. Vernon (City/Metro) :Over 50,000
  9. Winnipeg (State Capital of MB/City/Metro): Over 50,000
  10. Brandon (City/Metro): Over 50,000

Military Edit

US Armed Forces is National Defense!  
Flag of the United States Navy (with fringe)

US Navy

Flag of the United States Army (with fringe)

US Army

Flag of the United States Air Force (with fringe)

US Air Force

Front Office:Edit

  • Commander In-Chief: Jennifer Johnson Jr
  • Sec of Defense: Gen Adam Moon-Park
  • Deputy Sec of Defense: Danny Hunter 
  • Divisons: Army, Navy, Air Force

Divison Commanding Officers:Edit

  • Army: GEN Yen
  • Navy: ADM Slower
  • Air Force: Capt Anderson



  • PV1
  • PV2
  • PFC
  • SPC
  • CPL
  • SGT
  • SSG
  • SFC
  • MSG
  • 1SG
  • SGM
  • CSM
  • SMA
  • WO1
  • CW2
  • CW3
  • CW4
  • CW5
  • 2LT
  • 1LT
  • CPT
  • MAJ
  • LTC
  • COL
  • BG
  • MG
  • LTG
  • GEN
  • GA


  • Seaman (R)
  • Seaman Apprentice
  • Seaman
  • PO 3rd Class
  • PO 2nd Class
  • PO 1st Class
  • CPO
  • SCPO
  • MCPO
  • WO-1
  • CWO-2
  • CWO-3 
  • CWO-4
  • CWO-5
  • ENS
  • LTJG
  • LT
  • LCDR
  • CDR
  • CAPT
  • RDML
  • RADM
  • VADM
  • ADM
  • FADM*
  • AN*

 Air ForceEdit

  • AB 
  • Amn 
  • AFC
  • SA 
  • SS
  • TS 
  • MS
  • SMS 
  • CMS
  • CCM
  • 2d Lt
  • 1st Lt
  • Capt
  • Maj
  • Lt Col
  • Col
  • Brig Gen
  • Maj Gen
  • Lt Gen
  • Gen
  • GAF*

Note: * wartime ranks

Noble EventsEdit

National CapitalEdit

Barrhead is National Capital of the country and is the home to the Royal Family and Department of Defense HQ.

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