United States of Albertan was new nation, they were created on August 22nd, 2019. They are lead by Prime Minister Jack Harper. this is based off of Canada (Govern't/Police/Military/ Political Parties/Provinces) and Alberta (Flag) in real life. We are Capitalists! They will be having Charter of Rights of this nation. They were disbanned.


United States of Albertan was new nation, they were created on August 22nd, 2019. They are lead by Prime Minister Jack Harper.  We are Capitalists! They have Charter of Rights of this nation. At 47 days old, they have 6 cities and growing popluation every upgrade to each city.


United States of Albertan
National Flag
We are Strong
National Anthem: Albertan Strong
Royal Anthem: God save the King
Capital Edmonton
Largest Cities Edmonton, Barrhead, Calgary, Westlock, Hinton, Toronto
Official languagess Irish
- Recognized regional languages English
Demonym Albertan
Government Constitutional Monarchy
- King Charles V (2043-present)
- Prime Minister Jack Sheamus Harper (2043-present)
- Deputy Prime Minister James Danger
- Speaker of House John Harper
- Speaker of the Senate John Barr
Legislature Parliament of Albertan
- Upper House Senate
- Lower House House of Commons
Supreme Court Supreme Courts of Albertan
- Separation from Canada
- Joined the Commonwealth
- Establish Supreme Courts
- Establish Cities
- Establish Provinces/Government

Major Religions Christian, Roman Catholic
National Animal Black Bear and Mountain Lion
Total Area 3,750 sq. miles
- Water Pacific Ocean
Total Population
- Ethnic groups
over 400,000
First Nations and Celtic
Alliance Affiliation The United States of America
Currency Canadian Dollar
Internet TLD .ab


Driving Lane Right Side
Date Format YYYY/MM/DD
Time Zone +8 MDT
First Leader: Jack Sheamus Harper - Prime Minister

Last Leader: Jack Sheamus Harper - Prime Minister

Colours: Blue, Green

Founded: August 22nd, 2019 (age: 61 days)

Disbanded: October 23rd, 2019

Currency: CAD

National Capital: City of Edmonton

Provincial Capitals: Barrhead, Westlock, Calgary 

Population: over 400,000

Pollution: 414 points

Economy: Open Markets

Government: Constitutional Monarchy

Religion: Christian (Official), Roman Catholic (Secondary)

Baseball Team: Albertan Jays

National Animals: Black Bear and Mountain Lion

Achievements: 8

Life Expectancy: 95 yrs 

Official Languages: English, Irish

Ethnic Groups: First Nations, Celtic

Military: United Albertan Forces

Nation ID:

Domestic Policy: Technological Advancement 


Here I'll update our history every month. We were founded by separating Alberta from Canada in early 2034, we fought for the right to leave Canada. We have join the Commonwealth with others.

Forming a new nation (2034)Edit

We renamed from Province of Alberta to United States of Albertan. 

Finding a Leader (2043)Edit

We named Jack Harper to lead the nation to better future.

Finding a Flag to Represent (2043)Edit

We choose USA real life flag.

Forming Military Forces (2043)Edit

We named our military as United Albertan Forces. We are adding Bases for our military.

Founded Provinces (2043)Edit

There are four Provinces for now.

Founding Cities (2043)Edit

We will be having 4 cities soon, but for now 4 cities at the moment.

Founded Baseball Team (2043)Edit

We have a national baseball team that is not doing so good.

Founding Spreme Courts (2043)Edit

We will have Spreme Courts.

Joining Commonwealth (2043)Edit

We joined them after 2 days of creation. 

Founding Federal agencies (2043)Edit

We wil have 5-6 agency under Federal Government.

Main IndustriesEdit

The nation has Five biggest industries ever.

  • Tourism 
  • Logging 
  • Steel 
  • Oil 
  • Coal

National AnthemEdit

Our national anthem is Albertan Strong.

Albertan Strong by Neil Happier

We are the Albertans, proud to be. 

We have got the goods that you need.

We are Albertan Strong!

We are albertan Strong!

We are the Albertans, proud to be. 

We have got the goods that you need.

We got it all from west to east.

We Are Albertans from tall and far this land goes.

Albertan Strong

Albertan Strong

We got it all from west to east.

We Are Albertans from tall and far this land goes.

Albertan Strong

Albertan Strong.

National MottoEdit

Our national motto is We are Strong.


There are only 6 cities so far. To be large city, you have to over 50,000 population in that city. 

National CapitalEdit

The National Capital is Edmonton in Province of South Albertan, where the Prime Minister lives and works there. over 100,000

Other CitiesEdit

Barrhead: under 100,000 and Provincial Capital in Province of North Albertan. 

Westlock: over 50,000 and Provincial Capital in Province of West Albertan.

Calgary: over 50,000 and Provincial Capital in Province of East Albertan.

Hinton: over 50,000 and City in Province of South Albertan.

Toronto: over 50,000 and City in Province of East Albertan

List of ProvincesEdit

There are 4 Provinces so far.

  • Province of North Albertan: 1
  • Province of South Albertan: 2 
  • Province of West Albertan: 1
  • Province of East Albertan: 2

Government of AlbertanEdit

Parliament of Albertan is the official name of the Government. United States of Albertan has House of Commons and Senate:

  • Senate: 50 seats, no need for majority
  • House of Commons: 100 seats, need to majority is 25 seats, any under 20 is opposition, between 20-25 is Minority.

Supreme Court of AlbertanEdit

This will be the highest courts of the nation.

Chief Justice of Supreme Court of Albertan: Zachary Watchmen 2043-

Minister of Justice: Sam Runner 2043-

Federal CouncilEdit

House of CommonsEdit

Speaker of the House: John Harper (NDP) 

Liberals: Greg Fast (20 seats) Minority/Opposition

Conservatives: Jack Harper (50 seats) Majority/Government

NDP: James Danger (16 seats) Opposition

Green: John Harper (14 seats) Oppostion


Speaker of the Senate: John Barr (C)

Liberals: 12 

Conservative: 25

Green: 12

NDP: 1


Bold is Current Head of State.

Underlined is cabinet members.

Italics is opposition Members.

Executive CouncilEdit

Prime Minister: Jack Harper 2043-

Cabinet of United States of AlbertanEdit

There are 17 Ministers in the Executive Council. 

  1. Deputy Prime Minister: James Danger 2043-
  2. Minister of National Defense: Greg Fast 2043- 
  3. Minister of Education: John Harper 2043-
  4. Minister of Transportion: Kaden Jumper 2043-
  5. Minister of Health: Andrew Fast 2043- 
  6. Minister of Justice: Sam Runner 2043-
  7. Minister of  Finance: Drew Fast 2043-44, Vacant 2044-
  8. Minister of Foreign Affairs: Victor Hadder 2043-
  9. Minister of Veterans Affairs: Connor O'Share 2043-
  10. Minister of Public Safety: Carter Vaster  2043- 
  11. Minister of Employment: Jack Harper  2043-
  12. Minister of Labour: Will Summers 2043-
  13. Minister of Workforce: Liam Flannery 2043-
  14. Minister of Seniors: James Flannery 2043-
  15. Minister of Families: Greg Fast 2043-
  16. Minister of Urban Delevopment: Benny Gunner 2043-
  17. Minister of Immigration: Harry O'Share  2043-

Prime Minister Privy Council: Edit

President of Privy Council: Harry O'Share 2043-

Clerk of the Privy Council: James Flannery 2043-

Provincial Council: Edit

Premier of North Albertan: Henry Longer (NDP)

Premier of South Albertan: George Slow (G)

Premier of West Albertan: Dan Carr (L)

Premier of East Albertan: Frank Castor (NDP)

Local GovernmentEdit

Mayor of Barrhead: Sam Banks (L)

Mayor of Edmonton: Fred Grey (C)

Mayor of Westlock: Victor Carter (NDP)

Mayor of Calgary: Jack Fast (G)

Mayor of Hinton: James Quick (Ind)

Mayor of Toronto: Ed Beaner (C)

Police ForceEdit

There will be only 5 police forces.

  1. National United Police: N.U.P
  2. North Albertan Police: N.A.P
  3. South Albertan Police: S.A.P
  4. West Albertan Police: W.A.P
  5. East Albertan Police: E.A.P

Federal AgenciesEdit

We will have 5-6 agencies in the nation.

  • CTA
  • DIS
  • TFA
  • BIA
  • FBA

Noble EventsEdit

  • Summer War: first war they have so far, and First win they have so far.
  • July/August War is Second war they had so far, and second war won so far. 
  • August/Septmber War is third war so far, war expired no one won.
  • Minister Drew Fast of Finance resigned after a leak of Classifed information got out about his affair.
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