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This alliance or a majority of its members reformed it as Apocalypse Meow on 11/11/2017.  More information is available here.

United States Marine Corps

Flag of United States Marine Corps

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Basic Details
Founded 09/10/2017
Headquarters North America
Color Red
Status Defunct
Commandant Jacob Smith
SGT MAJ Slayer
SGT MAJ Aragon
As of 10/11/17
Total Nations 30
Score 14,276+
Average Score 475.88
Alliance Rank 61
Active Blocs
Active Treaties
Protectorate Lordaeron
MDP The Grand Power
NAP Grand Global Alliance
ODoAP Oblivion

United States Marine Corps (USMC) was an Red team alliance based in North America. USMC officially announced its existence on 10/12/2017 on the OWF, the same day it announced a ODoAP with Oblivion

The alliance originally unprotected entered into a conflict with Typhoon in its early stages. They later secured protection from Lordaeron.

The alliance was latter occured a coup and most members went to Apocalypse Meow


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