United Socialist Nations

Flag of United Socialist Nations

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Basic Details
Founded 1 May 2018
Headquarters Asia
Color Red
Status Rebranded
Premier DarVolt
Diplomat-General Matrix
Director-General Carolus Rex
Commandant-General Carl Barrett
Economy-General Mmm
Recruitment-General Carolus Rex
As of 21/6/19
Total Nations 45
Score 68,070
Alliance Rank #36 of 283
Active Blocs
Active Treaties

The United Socialist Nations is a rebranded socialist alliance rising from the ashes of the USRGC. Reformed on May Day 2018, the old commanders from the USRGC, which had scattered since the KT raids, received a petition from old members to reform the alliance under a new command structure and a new name. The scattered commanders heard the call and regathered their forces to once again play on Orbis's world stage. The USN now pushes to work with all communist and socialist alliances on Orbis.

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