United Socialist Nations

United Socialist Nations Flag
Flag of United Socialist Nations

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Basic Details
Founded 1 May 2018
Headquarters Asia
Color Red
Status Rebranded
Premier DarVolt
Diplomat-General Matrix
Information-General Carolus Rex
Director-General Carl Barrett
Economy-General Mmm
Recruitment-General Ravindhu
Commandant-General The Oceanic Council
As of 7/7/20
Total Nations 57
Score 83,582.31
Alliance Rank #37 of 314
Active Blocs
Active Treaties
MDoAP The Federation
Protectorate Assyrian Empire
Protectorate The Knights of The Blood Oath

The United Socialist Nations is a rebranded socialist alliance rising from the ashes of the USRGC. Reformed on May Day 2018, the old commanders from the USRGC, which had scattered since the KT raids, received a petition from old members to reform the alliance under a new command structure and a new name. The scattered commanders heard the call and regathered their forces to once again play on Orbis's world stage. The USN now pushes to work with all communist and socialist alliances on Orbis.

History Edit

Early Days Edit

The USN was founded as a foil to the creation of TRF. While TRF was in the conception phase, the old USRGC leadership was contacted by several concerned members of TCI that the new theme might become based around imperialism. As a result, they asked that the USRGC reform in order to preserve the socialist theme. The leadership agreed to form a new alliance and called it the United Socialist Nations to support all leftist of Orbis. While some members of TRF did fall out most did not, and the USN entered a cold war period with TRF. Originally intended to be somewhat democratic, the USN became under threat almost immediately after its creation which resulted in DarVolt giving Executive Order 1 putting the government into a state of emergency allowing for resources to be utilized effectively. These actions caused most of the random raiders to be defeated and the diplomatic process of finding a protector to begin.

The Swamp Era Edit

Following the white peace in NPO's Last Time, the USN was cut loose from NPO's stranglehold. After various engagements with raiders and pirates, Matrix reestablished contact with various old allies including Kosta of The Federation. Upon meeting, both Kosta and Matrix began the treaty process to get one signed while peace was still the status quo. After a short period of time, the Federation - USN treaty was signed which brought the USN into the extended Swamp sphere.

Government Edit

The government of the USN is lead by the Premier of the USN. The Premier then appoints members to General and Commissar positions. Each General is head of his or her department and has commissars to aid them in their duties. The USN policy has always made a focus on foreign affairs and good economic performance, a result of the command economic principles followed by the alliance.

Wars Edit

War Dates Result
NPO's Last Time June 17, 2019 - February 20, 2020 White Peace
Great Leak War January 8, 2020 - February 20, 2020 White Peace
War on Socialism February 28, 2020 - March 12th, 2020 White Peace

Former Treaties Edit

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