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Nation Flag of URoS

United Republic of Sorensonland was led by President Liam Sorenson. The nation's government is Democracy government, where everyone is allowed to elected officials to represent the nation and district they are representing.  They adapt a Constitution of Sorensonland after five months and sixteen days of being a nation. They are Ancient nation. They have a lot of resources for the small nation.  The Nation is based of Real life Canada/ USA for Government and Political Parties! They have over 400,000 citizens in total. Current Head of State is President Chris Fast.

United Republic of Sorensonland
IN God we trust!
National Anthem
The fight we lead!
Capital Barrhead
Largest Cities Jasper, Edmonton, Westlock, Drayton Valley
Official languages English
- Recognized regional languages French, Spanish
Demonym Canadians
Government Democracy
- President Liam Sorenson
- Vice President Chris Fast
- Speaker of the House of Representatives Rep. Sam Fast
- Senate Majority Whip Sen. Jeff Banks Jr
Legislature UR Congress
- Upper House Senate
- Lower House House of Representatives
Supreme Court Supreme Court of United Republic of Sorensonland
- Exit from Congo
- Independence Day

Driving Lane Right Side
Date Format MM/DD/YYYY

President Liam's Cabinet Members/ Line of Succession or Presidency of Liam Sorenson

President: Liam Sorenson (Republican): 2018-19 | Chris Fast (Independent): 2019-

Line of Succession

There are 18 positions in the Cabinet to be POTUR.

  1. Vice President: Vacant (): 2019-
  2. President of Senate Pro Tempe: Sen. Ben Slower (Green) -Drayton Valley (4th District)- Class 1| 2019-
  3. Speaker of the House of Representatives (Lower): Rep. Sam Fast (Democratic)- Barrhead (Capital District): 2018-
  4. Senate Majority Whip (Upper): Sen. Jeff Banks Junior (Conservative)- Jasper (2nd District)- Class 3| 2018-
  5. Chief Justice of Supreme Court: Harry Jackson (Republican): 2019-
  6. Secretary of State: Will Happer (Liberal): 2018-
  7. Secretary of Education: Andy Jump (Independent) 2018-
  8. Secretary of Defense: John Walker (Independent) 2019-
  9. Secretary of Homeland Security: Ben Robinson (Independent): 2019-
  10. Secretary of Labour: Justin Andrews (Independent): 2018-
  11. Secretary of Treasury: Lily Gordon (Green): 2018-
  12. Attoney General: Gerald Jones (Democratic) 2019-
  13. Director of FBI: George O'Flannley (Liberal) 2019-
  14. Director of CIA:  Daniel Barr (Conservative) 2019-
  15. Director of NSA: Jackie Hopper (Republican) 2019-
  16. Ambassador to Congo: John Western (Independent) 2019-
  17. Ambassador to Flavor Town: George Jackson (Liberal) 2019-
  18. Director of Interal Affairs: Will Castor (Independent) 2019-


  • Republican = 2
  • Democratic = 2
  • Independent = 7
  • Green = 2
  • NDP = 0
  • Conservative = 2
  • Liberals = 3

Living Cabinet Members

Change only the current members of cabinet; have 1 resigned from office, 2 died in office, 0 remove from office, 1 Acting in office.

Name Date of Birth Date of Death (age) Position in the Cabinet Term(s) Notes
Sam Fast ^ 10/04/2002 - ^ Brother is Vice President
Justin Andrews 03/06/2003 -
Ben Slower  09/09/2000 Chief Justice, July 2018- Aug 2019/ - ~ Resigned from Office,
Jason Sooner ~ 01/01/2001 Vice President July 2018- Aug 2019 ~ 1st Acting President, Resigned from Office
Andy Jump 02/03/2001 -
John Faster* 05/09/1990 08/20/2019 (39) Secretary of Homeland Security July 2018- Aug 2019 * Died in Office
Will Happer 07/24/2000 -
Liam Sorenson 07/24/2001 24/10/2019 (18) President of the United Republic of Sorensonland July 2018- Aug 2019 *Died in office
Jeff Banks Junior 06/09/1999 -

Jack Hopper (Rear Admiral) *

10/05/1993 04/18/2019 (26) Secretary of Defense July 2018- April 2019 * Died in office

Living Cabinet Members Part 2

Name Date of Birth

Date of Death (age)

Position in the Cabinet Term (s) Notes
Lily Gordon 12/05/1999 -
John Walker (Captain) ^ 09/15/1985 - ^ Fmr Attacker Division Commandor
Chris Fast (Captain) ^ 12/30/1994 - ^ Brother is House Leader, Fmr Commandor of Bomber Division, Fmr Vice President, President of the United Republic of Sorensonland
Harry Jackson 12/20/1993 - ^ Lawyer for 2nd District, Senate Candidate for 2nd District
Ben Robinson (LT) ^ 12/8/1970 - ^ Fmr Attacker Division Commandor
John Western ^ 03/06/1980 - ^ Fmr Mayor,
Gerald Jones ^ 02/04/1985 - ^ Fmr Mayor,
George O'Flannley ^ 08/04/1987 - ^ Fmr Mayor,
Daniel Barr ^ 09/05/1982 - ^ Fmr Mayor,
Jackie Hopper ^ 01/02/1979 - ^ Fmr Mayor,
George Jackson ^ (2nd LT) 07/20/1981 - ^ Fmr Drone Commandor,
Will Castor ^ 06/24/1984 - ^ Candidate for Senate of 4th District,


  • Died

~ Resigned/Acting 

^ Other

- Removed

List of EO's

  1. EO 9087-56 (Extending Secret Service Protection): Secret Service Can Protect the President and his Family and his Cabinet members and thier families for life. Aug. 19th, 2019| Passed House 105-90| Passed Senate 57-20| Signed by President Liam Sorenson.
  2. EO 7890-45 (John Sorenson Day): This EO is about his late Father's b-day to be Federal Holiday. Aug 20th, 2019| Passed House 185-10| Passed Senate 50-27|Signed by President Liam Sorenson.

List of First Ladies

There has only been three first ladies so far.

  1. Jillian Greene (m: 06/10/2016 - d: 12/28/18): 5 ( 2 died)
  2. Lillian Greene (m: 12/29/18 -d: 08/20/19): 1 (0 died)
  3. Amy West (m: 08/21/2019- ): 

List of Vice Presidents

There has been only 2 VP's for now.

Name|Term (days)|Party| Notes| President Under

  1.  Jason Sooner| July 2018- Aug 2019 (400 days)| NDP| Resigned, Former| Liam Sorenson
    Vacant: Aug 2019 (0 days)
  2. Chris Fast| Aug 2019- Oct 2019 (62 days)| Independent| Incumbent| Liam Sorenson

        Vacant: Oct 2019- ( days)

​​​​​​List of Chief Justice of UR Supreme Courts

There has been only 2 Chief Justice for now.

Name|Term (days)|Party| Notes| President Under

  1. Ben Slower| July 2018- Aug 2019 (402 days)| GP| Resigned, Former| Liam Sorenson
    Vacant: Aug 2019 (0 days)
  2. Harry Jackson| Aug 2019- (? days)| Repblican| Incumbent| Liam Sorenson, Chris Fast

List of UR Supreme Court Cases

  1. Jackson Carr v. United Republic of Sorensonland on July 25th, 2019 at 9 am. #: 90990-0 About Case: Attempt Assassination of President Liam Sorenson. Judge on the case: Ben Slower (at the time).

History of United Republic of Sorensonland

President Liam found a new nation and took his people on adventure to find land after long days of traveling, he found his nation was founded on July 10th, 2018 at 5 am. After year the nation is been around. 

Family of President Liam Sorenson

Liam Sorenson married Princess Jillian Greene of Congo. They got married on June 10, 2016 at 6 am. Princess Jillian Greene change her name to First Lady Jillian Sorenson because of her marriage with the President. First Lady Jillian Greene - Sorenson passed away at the age of 17 years old, after giving birth to the Liam Sorenson II. First Lady Lillian Sorenson is the second wife to the President. The President married to twin sisters are Jillian and Lillian Greene.First Lady Lillian Greene-Sorenson has passed away at 5 am today, in her sleep. President Liam is widower twice. Liam Sorenson has died in his sleep.

List of President's Children's with his wives

Marriage with Jillian Greene

  1. Jack Sorenson (04/10/16 -04/18/19 )*
  2. Jillian Sorenson II (04/10/17 - )
  3.  Jill Sorenson (04/10/17 -)
  4.  John Sorenson II (04/10/18 - )
  5.  Liam Sorenson II (12/10/18 - 12/28/18 ) *

Marriage with Lillian Greene

  1.  Lillian Sorenson II (08/15/19-) 

Marriage with Amy West 

President's International Trips 

- President Sorenson went to Flavor Town to talk to Warlord about two wars involves them. (December 21 2018) 

-President Sorenson went to Congo to see his Father in-law the King of Congo and discussed about create a new Trade Agreement called: Untied Republic-Congo Free Trade Agreement (UR-CFTA) (February 2 2019) 

Untied Republic-Congo Free Trade Agreement
Drafted Feb. 2nd, 2019
- location
Feb. 2nd, 2019
Barrhead, URoS
Sealed Feb. 2nd, 2019
Effective Feb. 2nd, 2019
Expiration Feb. 2nd, 2029
Signatories King of Congo

President of UR

Parties Congo

United Republic

Language English
Notes ten yr free trade

Government of United Republic of Sorensonland

President Liam has decided to go with a different approach to the nation making it a little more about being a Democracy government, where you are allowed to elected officials to represent you through years to come. United Republic Congress are where the government meetings are held beginning of each year. The current government members were hand pick by the President Liam Sorenson, himself. Presidential Election around March 8th every 2 years. President is elected to three terms. For the Senate is Yr in offfice than elections will be up, on what class the Senators are repsenting. Senate term is yr and renewal unlimited, House term is yr and half and renewal is unlimited. There are three different levels of the government; Executive Branch, Legstative Branch, Judicial Branch. 

List of Federal Buildings

  • United Republic Congress (272) (AKA: Capitol Hill Rd)
  • Republic House (Presidential Residential area)
  • United Republic of Representatives (195) (100 is majority to pass)
  • United Republic Senate (77)- Class 1/2/3- Class 1 & 3 are up for election now and three more days, Class 2 are up for election in three months. (40 is majority to pass)

Elected Districts

Capital District allows 60 Representatives/30 Senators are elected, First District allows 50 Representatives/16 Senators are elected, Second District allows 45 Representatives/17 Senators are elected, Third District allows 30 Representatives/10 Senators are elected. The Fourth District allows 10 Representatives/14 Senators are elected. Capital District has two political parties in. The other three districts have one political party in it. Each District will have different Senate Classes for the federal Government. 

  • Barrhead (Capital District)- 1/3- 80 votes
  • Westlock (1st District)- 1/2- 66 votes
  • Jasper (2nd District)- 2/3- 62 votes
  • Edmonton (3rd District)- 2/3- 40 votes
  • Drayton Valley (4th District)- 1/2- 24 votes 

Total E.V. is 282, but to win is 255 votes.

Political Parties

The majority of the government is over 65 members, and the minority of the government is under 65 members. They elected 272 members to represent entire government of United Republic of Sorensonland and each district. There are six political parties in the nation. There are two independents in the government and his cabinet. There is 195 are Representatives and there are 77 Senators in the government. Current Government Control Party is split btw Democratic and Republicans.

  • Democratic Party (55)/(15)- Capital District- 70 votes
  •  Republican Party (50)/(16)- 1st District- 66 votes
  •  Conservative Party (45)/(17)- 2nd District- 62 votes
  •  Liberal Party (30)/(10)- 3rd District- 40 votes
  •  Green Party (10)/(14)- 4th District- 24 votes
  •  New Democratic Party (5)/(5)- Capital District- 10 votes

List of District Government

Governors Only!

  1. Capital District: James Benson (D)
  2. 1st District: Danny Sinker (R)
  3. 2nd District: Manny Holder (C)
  4. 3rd District: Victor Axelson (L)
  5. 4th District: Fred Gunner (G)

Leadership of Congress

There are 6 leaders of UR Congress!

  1. President of Senate: Vacant ()
  2. President of Senate Pro Tempe: Sen. Ben Slower- Class 1 (GP)
  3. Senate Leader: Sen. Jeff Banks Jr- Class 3 (CP)
  4. Senate Deputy Leader: Sen. Todd Donger- Class 1 (R)
  5. House Leader: Rep. Sam Fast (D)
  6. House Deputy Leader: Rep. Frank Jump (L)
  7. House Chairperson: Rep. Greg Toddson (NDP)

List of Senators

Here are Senators that are in Govern't or Congress!

Name| Class #|Party| Past Jobs| Notes

  1. Ben Slower| Class 1| GP| Fmr Chief Justice|
  2. Jeff Banks Jr| Class 3| CP| Mayor of Jasper|
  3. Todd Donger| Class 1| R| Navy Captain|
  4. Jason Sooner| Class 1| NDP| Fmr VP|

List of Representives

Here are Representives in Govern't or Congress!

Name| District |Party| Past Jobs| Notes

  1.  Sam Fast| Capital District| D| Mayor of Barrhead| Brother is VP
  2.  Frank Jump| 3rd District| L| Mayor of Edmonton| 
  3.  Greg Toddson| Capital District| NDP| Councillor of Barrhead|

List of Elections

  • Senate Class 3 Election of 2019 (2nd District of Jasper): Jeff Banks Jr (CP) vs Harry Jackson (R): 42-20: Winner is Jeff Banks Jr won for 2nd term as Senator.
  • Senate Class 1 Election of 2019 (1st District of Weslock): Todd Donger (R) vs Henry Fasting (D): 51-15: Winner is Todd Donger won for 2nd term as Senator.
  • Senate Class 1 Election of 2019 (4th District of Drayton Valley): Will Castor (In) vs Ben Slower (GP): 4-20: Winner is Ben Slower for his 1st term as Senator.
  • Senate Class 1 Election of 2019 (Capital District of Barrhead): Jason Sooner (NDP) vs Levi Moon-Park (D): 55-25: Winner is Jason Sooner for his 1st term as Senator.  
  • House Elections of 2020 (Capital District):  Greg Toddson (NDP) vs  James Benson (D): -: Winner is


Bold is Winner

Italic is Loser

Underline is Tie/Recall

Presidential Secret Service

Secret Service protection for the President and his family while they are home and traveling to other nations. Receives new members from Armed Forces. There was EO signed by President Liam Sorenson. EO 9087-56 is to Expand the term of Secret Service for life.

United Republic Armed Forces 

United Republic Armed Forces are national defense from enemy nations. The Armed Forces are involved with Flavor Town. The nation have more casualties then killed members. 

  • Army 
  • Navy
  • Air Force 

Requirements for the Armed Forces

  • Age is 18 yrs old + 
  • Sorensonlandian citizen or least have a parent of Sorensonlandian decent
  • Reserve Forces age is 16 yrs old *
  • Regular Forces age is 18 yrs old +
  • After 10 years + of experience you have to join the Secret Service protection.
  • Need parent consent to join the military.

Capital City

Barrhead, Sorensonland is the capital city of the President and his family lives in the Republic House. They are guarded by the Secret Service at all times. The President and his family are protected very well. The city has over 50,000 residents. (07/10/18)

Other Cities

Westlock have over 50,000 residents. (09/15/18)

Jasper have over 50,000 residents. (09/15/18)

Edmonton have over 50,000 residents. (10/03/18)

Drayton Valley have over 50,000 residents. (12/30/18)

List of President's Liam Sorenson Family Members

Name (Gender) Date of Birth Place of  Birth Date of Death (age) Place of Death Cause of Death

Liam Sorenson (M)

M: Jillian Sorenson nee: Greene

(m: 2016- d: 2018)

M: Lily Sorenson nee: Greene

(m: 2018-d: 2019) 

July 24th


Congo October 24th 2019 Sorensonland natural causes

John Sorenson (M) *

M: Jennifer Sorenson (m: 2000-)

March 1st



July 24th

2005 (25 yrs old)

Congo Gunshot of Attempt Assassination of the King Joel Greene of Congo

Jennifer Sorenson  (F) *

M: John Sorenson (m: 2000- d: 2005)

May 4th



December 28th

2018 (38 yrs old)

Sorensonland Natural Causes 
Liam Sorenson II (M)*

December 10th



December 28th 


(18 days old)

Sorensonland Natural Causes


Sorenson- II (F)

April 10th



Jillian Sorenson- Greene (F)

M: Liam Sorenson (m: 2016-)

Lillian Sorenson- Greene (F)

M: Liam Sorenson

(m: 2018-)

June 10th

2001 / June 11th 2001


December 28th 

2018 (17 yrs old)/ August 20th, 2019 (18 yrs old)

Sorensonland  After giving birth to the Liam Sorenson II / Died by natural causes
John Sorenson II (M)

April 10th


Jill Sorenson (F)

April 10th


Jack Sorenson (M)*

April 10th


Sorensonland April 18th 2019 ( 2 yrs old) Sorensonland Got Very ill
Name Date of Birth Place of Birth Date of Death (age) Place of Death Cause of Death
Lillian Sorenson II (F) August 15th 2019 Sorensonland

Amy West (F)

M: Liam Sorenson (m: 2019- his death: 2019) 

August 4th, 2000 Sorensonland

- John Sorenson is the first member of President's family passed away at the age of 25 years old. Jennifer Sorenson is the second member of President's family to passed away during his Presidency as President of Sorensonland at the age of 38 yrs old.  Liam Sorenson II is the third member to die and the youngest child in the President's family. First Lady Jillian is the fourth member of President's family to passed away at the age of 17 years old. President Liam has three members of his family passed away on the same day at different times in the same year. Jack Sorenson is the fifth member to die but the second youngest and oldest child to die. First Lady Lillian Sorenson is sixth member to die during his Presidency. President Liam Sorenson is the last thing his family member to die the first to die in office as a president of the United Republic


M: Married

D: Death

Div: Divorce

Noble Conflicts

- Flavor Town War: First War, (12/16-18), Second War, (12/24-27) (aka: Operation Saint Nicholas)

> Total Casualties for Sorensonland (42,109 soldiers) Lost in both wars. 

> Total Casualties for Favor Town (7,798 soldiers) Won in both wars.


  • Jason Sooner was the first Acting President so far, first time to have invoke the Constitution. (August 14th, 2019-August 16th, 2019)
  • Chris Fast is the Second President of the United Republic so far, because of death of President Liam Sorenson. (October 24th 2019-present)

Noble Events

  • Resignation of Vice President Jason Sooner.
  • Swearing-In of Vice President Chris Fast.
  • Attempt Assassination of President Liam Sorenson.
  • Death and State Funnel of Secretary John Faster.
  • Death and State Funnel of First Lady Lillian Sorenson.
  • Third Marriage of President Liam Sorenson.
  • First Call of Constitutional Convention.
  • Second Call of Constitutional Convention.
  • Third Call of Constitutional Convention.
  • First State of Union 2019.
  • Death of President Liam Sorenson.

List of Federal Holidays

  • Independence Day is on July 10th.
  • John Sorenson Day is on March 1st each yr. (EO 7890-45)

Operation Saint Nicholas!
Date First War (12/16/18-12/18/18)

Second War (12/24/18-12/27/18)

Casus belli Various reasons why?
Result Flavor Town victory in both wars

Sorensonland defeat in both wars

Sorensonland Flavor Town

Liam Sorenson


Low High
Casualties and losses
42,109- Both wars

First War- 12,000

Second War- 20,109

7,798- Both wars

First War- 2,784

Second War-5,014

It cost to high for the damages and repairs.