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United Republic Federation of States

American-Samoa-Flag-19-610x343.jpg Flag of United Republic Federation of States

Alpha Commander Lucas Thomas
Citizen of United Purple Nations
Basic Information
Founded Declaration - December 23, 2016

Rebellion Nation - March 18, 2017

Independence - October 1, 2017

Color Purple
National Statistics
Government Type Stratocracy.png Stratocracy
Social Policies Conservative.png Conservative
Economic Policies Right.png Right
Religion Christianity
Pollution 835 points
Currency Dollar
GDP $5,662,553,879.00
Civilians 6,426,656
Area 60,000 sq. miles mi²
Avg. Pop. Density 107.11 people per mi²
Military Strength
Military name United Republic Federation Armed Forces
Nation Rank #897
Score 4,258.50
Infantry 300,000
Tanks 25,000
Aircraft 1,500
Ships 300
Spies -
Missiles 2
Nuclear Warheads Classified
Stadium: Republic Federation Field
National Capital Grand Federation
Other Cities Mainland:

- Grand Detroit

- Sectron

- Nashway

- Frankston

- Havenville

- Strea County

- New Dale County

- Welfare

- New Federation

- New Counties

West Africa:

- Lagos

Pacific Ocean:

- Samoa

Indian Ocean:

- Island of Seychelles


- Island of Saint

- Suriname

British Isles:

- Faroe

- Providence of Glasgow


The (United Republic) Federation of States is a nation led by Alpha Commander Imari Thomas on the continent of Europe. Republic Federation of States's government is a Federal Republic with very authoritarian social policies.

Economically, United Republic Federation of States favors right-wing policies. The official currency of United Republic Federation of States is the Euro. United Republic Federation of States is a mature nation and a Imperial State to the United Purple Nations, ready to act when needed.


The Northern War: Year 2016

On December 2016, while the United Kingdom tried to leave the European Union. Scotland and several other kingdoms began to revolt against the U.K, resulting in several military put downs in those regions.

The Northern Ireland Government knew that something had to be done, causing the NIreG to elect the United Mercenary Federation as it's Defense force. The government so declared independence as the United Republic Federation of States, a request the United Kingdom didn't take lightly. On March 2017, The Royal Navy launched a Naval strike on Belfast, the resulting attack led to Federation Destroyers to destroy them with long-range missiles.

On April 2017, they launched an air attack with Tornado bombers. F-16Cs and Su-27ks were deployed to destroy them. After several engagements, the Royal Air Force ended their strikes as they lost too many planes.

Two months later, the British Forces allied with Irish troops to push into the territory. But several Federation tanks and infantry divisions waited for them, resulting in a Tank on tank brawl that lasted a week. The Allied forces soon retreated after losing over 10,000 troops to Federation's 1,230 casualties.

By August, the war with the Federation became dire to the British/Irish Alliance. They launched their final all-out attack with over 8,400 Marines and 30,000 regulars, Irish Forces also launched their 9,000 troops in the assault. The Federation leaders planned a trick that can destroy morale of the Allied troops. After pushing into 20 miles into the territory, the attack was launch, catching the surprised Allied troops in a Ambush.

On October 1, 2017, the United Republic Federation of States achieved it's goal as an independent nation.

After gaining independence, the nation was nearly cut off from any economical and military advantages. At most in 2017, the nation only made $185,000 a month while holding an army of only 13,000.

After Independence: Year 2019

Two years after gaining independence, the Federation Forces soon clashed with the Irish Troops. But once the Typhoon alliance intervene, the nation was close to collapsing.

After sometime during the peace talks, the nation was left with barely any money to feed it's people. Causing riots to erupt across the country, they was only dealt with after the newly-established United Republic Federation Defense Force arrived.

Month after month, the Military was forced to act as a Police Force due to economical damages. Soon, Nicholas Thomas temporary disabled the Parliament and took command. Several Police Stations and Hospitals were established, he force construction of several banks and markets to grow it's economy.

After several months of reconstructing the nation, the United Republic Federation of States has a stable, yet, rocky economy. Once the nation was in an alliance called United Empire of Zah'Aharon, the economy grew stronger and larger. This allowed the nation to claim more territory and more people to use it, soon reaching it's peak at 1,248,500.

War Against Arrgh: Year 2019 - 2024

RFA T-72s defending Sectron.

While working in the Alliance as the Knight of the group, Nicholas Thomas noticed an alliance that raided many members. He engaged one of them in Operation Defense, sending 75,000 troops to fight. But after several months of fighting, the Republic Federation Defense Force failed to finish the attacker off.

With the war turning into a draw, Nicholas requested his spies to find out about the attacks. After getting some info from his allies, spies and research, he realized that the nation had fought a Rogue Coalition codename Arrgh. An alliance that only cares about money and destruction, they also have nothing to lose.

This concerns him as this is the first time in URFS history, the military is fighting a force that seems impossible to kill. This also mean the military must be reformed.

As years passed, several conflicts continue to erupt. Some with URFDF fighting alone, other when they have back up from other armies. By 2024, during a battle with a Arrgh member, an Aloha Forces from Arrgh attacked the Federations of States at the capital. Beginning a war that costed the nation over 170,000 men.

After repeating attacks that ended with high casualties, the nation near bankruptcy and ruins. But one day, another military force has destroyed much of the Attacker's navy. Allowing the remnants of the Water Defense Force to launch a devastating assault, ending the war in Federation Victory.

Peace and Prosperity, New Era: 2024 - 2026

After fighting for years, the United Republic Federation of States was finally able to get the spoils of war. After receiving a large sum of cash and resources, the nation grew larger.

The Economy was soon repaired after years of low income or inflation, several production facilities are rebuilt or constructed. Emergency Services has grown, the population are happy. Although the wars ended, Nicholas knew that one day. the Federation of States will soon be ready for war.

Foltest Wars: Year 2026

While the citizens enjoyed peace, the Government was in panic mode. Nicholas Thomas knew of the growing tension between several Alliances. This caused the Parliament to allow a mission to Africa to make an overseas Territory in Africa, fighting a Intervention against Nigeria. The nation of Abrizhou was formed as part of the Federation, but not as a state.

While the tensions grew, the Government spends hundreds of millions on developing the nation. Even to the point of sending Federation Forces and Supplies to support it's small Royal Military. Soon a request was made to Nicholas to send troops against their Aggressors, except they moved in too early. Losing several ships,10,000 troops and thousands of equipment, making the Country weaker as several more wars declared.

Once the nation was given peace, the population started to riot. Several Divisons from the 1st and 3rd Armies were send to take them down. The take down soon caused a Civil War, forcing much of the Defense Force to expend resources. But soon by April 2027, during the conflict, an all-out assault was launched. The entire Defense Force was spread thin and overrun within a few days. After regrouping, the Imperium of Man declared war.

Sinking of Aloha's last warship during the Raid of Domesville, ending the Aloha War

Nicholas Thomas decided that the Federation Military should strike first, but failed miserably after several campaigns was launched. The United Republic Federation Defense Force was forced into endless fighting for months to come.

After losing several battles against other Allied Imperium Nations and the Rebellion, the URFDF and the Military disposed Nicholas. Eventually placing his son, Imari Thomas, into the seat. He went straight to work by reforming the Defense Force into an Armed Force. He then changed tactics into "Insured Destruction", eliminating the goal of winning a battle. He then commissioned new warships and equipment.

By the end of April, a ceasefire was announced. Allowing the newly formed URFAF to stand down. The army size was over 860,000 conscripted, with 71,785 dead in the war. With much of the Country in ruins and heavy taxes, Imari propose a larger military to defend from new war.

Later Years: Year 2026 - 2031

RFAF F-16C launching missile.

After nearly five years of fighting many battles along with a Civil War, the country was able to develop for quick repair and reestablishment. At the end of the war, peace was ensured. But the military was kept on their toes as they do drills, combat insurgencies and patrol it's shipping lanes between it's territories.

A Military Commission soon was developed, along with a new Strike Force (Operatives) codenamed Viper Wolves in 2027. The name was soon changed to Viper Corp a year later, they're used in deep-strike Operations.

After a heated dispute, Abrizhou was abandoned and was left to defend itself. Relieving the strain on the economy itself. After sometime, some of the Caribbean Islands was soon annexed into the web of movements.

War on Pirates and West African War: Year 2032 - 2034

On 2031, The Military Commission began working with a Vanguard coalition. Deploying troops on Intervention missions, mostly against Pirates that appeared. Not many had caused trouble, mostly a few thousand casualties.

RFA K1A1 tanks firing at IOM Forces

But in early 2032, Lagos was attacked with a nuclear bomb by the Pirates. Causing an diseased outbreak. It took URF Troops and remaining Law Enforcement to quarantine the area, it wasn't lifted until mid 2032. Once lifted, much of the URF Army stayed for another month, ending the crisis in Aug 2032.

On Oct 2032, Nigeria was at war against Militant troops that popped up in Borno. As the war happened, URF troop deployment was increased by 11%. Increasing the troops from 25,000 to about 32,000 of mixed Army and Marines in the area. Viper Corp were also deployed in the region, sending mostly Stealth and Deep-Strike Aircrafts

Soon the Militants assaulted a military base in Lagos in an attempt to stop convoy deployments, wounding about 231 Reservist inside the base. In response, Field Commander Lucas Thomas, Alpha Commander's younger brother, and Field Commander Fredrick A. Jones commanded the Marine Corps and Army along with the Air Force and Viper Corp, swarming Borno and began operations inside.

On Jan 2033, Abrizhou and URF relations worsens into open warfare during the West African War. Abrizhou started it's assault on Lagos, crippling the URF forces in the area. In return, Imari Thomas ordered his younger brother to lead an response from the Navy and Marine Corps.

URFS Diplomacy and her task force of Battlecruisers, Destroyers, and other warships was sent to relieve the entrenched URF Troops. Soon the Marine Corps landed and assisted the URF Lagian Troops to push them out, invading the nation and ending the war with Abrizhou.

The War lasted for another year, eventually ending when the last city in Borno was captured. The Treaty of Lagos was signed, ending the conflict and any possible war in the region.

Federation-Imperial Grand World War: March 2035 - September 2038

With the war over, the nation began maintaining its defensive status. Avoiding any conflicts if possible, eventually maintaining a large token Force. Suddenly, attacks began happening within the Sectron and Grand Federation. Some of the attacks involved Attack Helicopters across the Highway, causing death and damages to the infrastructures.

Soon it was discovered that a Princess, Alisia Wayward, from Quebec has ran from her home, arriving to Ulster to warn of a possible conflict. After gathering evidence and fighting off an Assassin and an Fireteam, they came to the conclusion. On March 20, 2035, the United Republic of Federations declared war on Imperial Quebec.

They deployed over 15,000 URF Army and Marines onto the Isle of Man, along with 12 Viper Operatives to cause internal damaged. Colonel Lucas Thomas and the Princess led the assault, landing onto the small Island.

April 23, 2035, the battle was won. Pushing the Quebec Forces out the Island, they soon began drawing up war plans for the conflict. A week later, they discovered that the nation has invaded Iceland, Azores, and many regions in the Caribbean, Asia, and North America. The war would expand across the world, ending almost three years later with the Invasion of Quebec Empire.

Politics and Economy


The government of the United Republic Federation is controlled by the Alpha Commander (Leader) and the Parliament of Service (Legislative Republic), and Omega Commander with the Military Commission (Military Branch). The Omega Commander controls the military and police forces, while the Parliament controls the laws that must be served, the Alpha Commander commands Military, National and Political aspects. This Government follows closely to the United State's way of Checks and Balances, but can be overruled during wartime or domestic conflict.

If the Alpha Commander fails their job or cause more harm than good, the Omega Commander and Parliament can demand for their resignation. If denied, the Omega can take control of the Armed Forces and force them out, taking control and Parliament recognizing the Omega as the Alpha Commander. This even only happened once in the Winter of 2027, during the Foltest Wars.


The ancient nation enjoyed Conservative Policies to ensure it doesn't lose support easily. It's right-wing policies also pushed his economy to make enough to operate. These policies are usually changed, with the latest change in July 2050. This allow the nation to be different than the others, making it unique.

While the Nation do enjoy having the economic advantage, it also enjoys the military and political advantage. Enabling the Nation to be deploy Response Forces with his allies. The military is usually the ones talking when handling raiders, but then money comes into play when it needs a job done. The Nation enjoys it's time paying attackers of his enemies and anyone that stole from them.


Older SI 720-class Sedan models in three variants: Base, Sport, and Law Enforcer

The main suppliers of resources and materials are the New Foundation Co, located in Dublin County, URFS. This company surpass many other companies that tried to grow, eventually becoming the Country's best and major national company that produce raw resources.

Military industries like the Sharp Industries and Armed Company, produce weapons for the Country. One Company was able to mass produce a indigenous battle tank, the S1 Tank Series. They also produced the SI 720-class Sedan, allowing the Federation populists have their own cars. This gave the nation a chance to produce and possibly sell it's weapons, giving more income. An "Luxury Sports" car is also produced, called the SI 120-class Coupe.


Sharp Industries Factory complex in Havenville, URFS

In several Cities, many small companies are formed in Supermarkets, Malls, and Stadiums. This give the nation over $2.4 billion a year in revenue. Banks are form to keep watch of transitions between business and business, then Business and consumer, and lastly Business and Government. The nations also relies on trade, to allow it to get extra income and for supplies that couldn't be grown in Ulster.


The United Republic Federations control strategic territories in the certain parts of the world, making use of them for power projection and trading. Samoa, located in the Pacific, is used as a main base to keep Chinese Hegemony and other nations in check while trading with other Asian nations. Lagos, a staging area for RF military in West Africa, and the Saint Island and Suriname in the Caribbean which is often use to train new units into battle.


Main Article: United Republic Federation Armed Forces

The United Republic Federation of States had a Defense Force military that once acted as a Police force. But as years gone by and the economy grew, the URFDF was soon reformed into a Armed Forces with the Military Commission, Omega Commander and Alpha Commander taking command of the Armed Forces.

  • United Republic Federation Army

The United Republic Federation Army is around 300,000 troops, around 12% of its total population. Of the 300,000 troops: 130,000 are Army, 130,000 are reserves, 10,000 are Special Operatives and 30,000 are Marines. The Marines are given advanced armor that makes them look like Sci-Fi troops, Special Forces are modified for more overrall operations.

  • United Republic Federation Air Force

The United Republic Federation Air Force is the air force of the Republic Federations, they defend the Airspace of around 100 miles of the mainland. They hold 1,500 aircraft of bombers, fighter jets, and helicopter.

  • United Republic Federation Navy

The United Republic Federations Navy is the naval branch of the RFS, they guard the Irish Sea, the North Channel, and 200 miles of the Atlantic Ocean. They also patrol the waters around their territory, along with trade routes under URF jurisdiction. Of the 300 ships, the Navy has ten Aircraft Carriers as the flagships of the entire navy.

  • United Republic Federation Secret Services:

The URFSS is a intelligent agency located within the hidden areas of Republic Federation of State. They work behind the scenes during conflicts with other nations, sometimes scouting or sabotaging. They also deal with domestic disputes like threats to the Republic or citizens, mostly terrorism.

The number of agents inside is unknown to the public, but it's high enough to do some major damages if not checked or attacked. They also have their own military unit within the Agency.


The national religion is Democratic Christian, a new type of Christianity formed during the unstable times of the Federation. This group works to show God as not only a spiritual figure, but a political figure that can influence well-minded Christians in political powers.

During Sundays, most Government offices are closed and reformed as Churches or Baptist Buildings. Several Hospitals became a place for prayer in the lobby.

Law Enforcement are required to wear a white dress shirt, black dress pants, and a vest as their uniform. Military troops are not required to wear the same outfit as Police, if told, their armor will be minimized but cover vital areas. Like Chest, head, and legs.

Military Parades are uncommon, usually starts when Alpha Commander allows it or after a victory. During this time, about 3,000 troops march down the capital. The Warships stay near the harbor, sometimes firing fireworks from their missile silos. Sometimes, firing their Guns in a salute to how long the Nation has been independent.


The United Republic Federations Educational Department (RFED) works to ensures national educational system is up to date. While religious practice are allowed, Schools are forbidden to follow those practices unless it's part of the student's health. As a Authoritarian State, Home-Schooling is barbaric and forbidden across the nation.

Any parent that's caught home-schooling will be charged with Child Abuse, even allowing the child to stay home longer than a week without a Suspension notice or a letter to the school is illegal. As for classes, teachers are required to undergo a sanity and intelligence test. They are also required to practice Taxes, Voting, and how to get a Career.