United Republic Federation Armed Forces
URF Military
Founded - Mercenaries: April 3, 2002

- Rebels : November 2016

- Defense Force: October 2018

Current form - Armed Forces: March 2027
Service branches - Army

- Navy - Air Force - Marine Corp - Viper Corp

Headquarters Grand Federation, RFS
Alpha Commander Imari Thomas
Military Commissionaire Sarah A. Jones - Thomas
Supreme Commander Adam Lewis
Military age 18 years
Conscription 1,500,000
Available for
military service
2,860,000, age 18 - 30 years (Voluntary)

17 - 40 (Conscripted)

Fit for
military service
120,000 per year males, age 18 - 30 years (Voluntary)

17 - 40 (Conscripted),
90,000 females, age 18 - 30 years (Voluntary)

17 - 40 (Conscripted)

Reaching military
age annually
20,000 per year males,
3,200 females
Active personnel - 120,000 Army

- 30,000 Marines

- 1,000 Viper Operatives

Reserve personnel 104,000
Domestic suppliers - Sharp Industries Defense and Commercial

- Armed Company

- Allied Shipyards

Foreign suppliers - United States

- Russia

- South Korea

- Austraila

- France

- Scotland

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History (2010s):

- Northern War (2017 - 2018)


- Arrgh Skirmishes (2022 - 2024)

- Aloha War (2024)

- Foltest Wars (2026 - 2028)


- Operation Radiant (2031)

- West African War (2032 - 2034)

- Quebec-Federation War (2035)

Ranks E1 - E8 (Front-line):

- Trooper

- Private First Class

- Private Second Class

- Lieutenant

- Lieutenant Corporal

- Corporal

- Captain

- Sergeant

O1 - O7 (Field Command)

- Major Captain

- Staff Commander

- Lieutenant Commander

- Area Commander

- Field Commander

- Colonel of the Army

- Supreme Commander of the Army

The United Republic Federation Armed Forces or URFAF are an military service responsible in the defense of the United Republic Federation of States and it's oversea bases in the Pacific, State of Abrizhou (formly), the Caribbean, and West Africa.

They're also are deployed to defend any allies in the United Empire of Zah'Aharon when needed. The military uses the policy to have a Professional Army, having a army of 120,000 regular soldiers, 1,000 Operatives and 30,000 Marines, having 150,000 in total.

When Reservist are used, the size can increase to 245,000 troops. Leaving the population down to 4 million to work in Factories, Commercial, Government and School facilities.

The Military started as a Mercenary Force that was paid to insure Northern Ireland's independence from both the United Kingdom and the Irish Republic, defeating them against all odds. The unit was soon transformed into the Defense Force to act as National Police until 2024, they was finally completed as a Armed Forces at 2027.

History Edit

- Before the Republic Edit

Before they became a National Military force, the URF Military was an Mercenary Force hired by any power willing to pay them. They was deployed to many locations to take out important targets or take part in large assaults. Giving the company a name for themselves, they are feared by many rebel groups and government alike.

- Call of Independence Edit

In 2016, The Senators and Members of the Northern Irish Council was displeased of the U.K's decision to leave the European Union. Knowing that once the people decide independence means martial law, they contacted the E.U. to support their decision. But it resulted in failure when both U.K. and U.S. officials stopped them, resulting in the Ulster Government to contact the United Mercenary Federation. After signing the contract, the UMF deployed several assets to defend the small new country, from Fighters to ships then to tanks and infantry. Soon deploying over 12,000 personal across the Ulster territory, showing off it's power. Nicholas Thomas took command personally and oversaw the operation, he was soon elected Alpha Commander of both Country and military.

- War with Great Britain Edit

In 2017, U.K. Naval and Air Forces attempted to bombard Belfast as the Marines prepare to invade. But as they drew close, several Corvettes began to engage the British Fleet. They was soon assisted by black F-16Cs that flew overhead and began launching AGMs at the ships, overwhelming them easily. This began the Ulster War as the FMF was facing both Irish and British Forces.

- The Conflict Edit

When the war ended by 2018, the Mercenary Group was disbanded and reformed into a National Police force as the country didn't have enough money to afford both Military and police. Forcing them to do two jobs to ensure the nation's security. As time goes on, Irish Republic was able to take advantage of the issue and take back much of the territory, leaving only Ulster's original land size.

- War with Arrgh Edit

When Arrgh Forces began to take notice, the Marine Corps was developed to raid enemy ships. They soon grew to launch small tactical raids on weak members, improving the Defense Force's ability to fight in wars.

The Aloha Wars soon came as the Defense Forces spread thin, they soon became weak against Aloha's preemptive attacks. The Ground Forces were soon sent on near suicidal missions to regain territory and fight back. After a year of fighting, the both nations were at their peaks. But with an allied attack, the Federation Water Force was able to defeated Aloha's ships and win the war. Receiving all the spoils needed to grow the military.

- Abrizhou-Nigerian War Edit

From April to August 2025, the United Republic Federation Military was called to support the Abrizhouian Rebellion. The RF Carrier, New State, and a large task force was sent, along with the entire Marine Corp. Making a beachhead in Lagos and allowing addition support, soon Republic Federation planes landed in Lagos.

On June 2, 2025, F-16s can be seen dropping bombs over Nigerian Forces. Then URF Infantry and Marine Corps soon assisted the Abrizhouian Forces, pushing the Nigerian troops out. Soon Osun, Ekiti, Ondo, and Edo were liberated, the Republic Federation then locked down those states until peace was settled.


URF Army K1A3 tanks mobilizing during the Foltest Wars

- Foltest Wars Edit

The Foltest Wars became the Military's ultimate challenge as the 150,000 personal was facing nearly 3,000,000 troops from different nations. Soon much of the URF Water Force Fleet was in the bottom of the ocean as the URF Air Army was unable to sustain air superiority.

When the news spread of Nicholas Thomas' attempt to gain peace and submit to them, his son rose up an army of Marines and marched to the capital. Gaining control of both nation and military, he soon led a push that gave the country the advantage. Once white peace was declared, the military stepped down and gathered whatever spoils that captured.

- Aftermath Edit

After the conflicts, the Military grew larger than expected. Gaining three updated Flagships, advanced Destroyers, and new Amphibious Assault ships, growing their air power to over 972 aircraft, and Ground Force growing to 165,000 personal with conscription height of 460,000. They are also no longer called United Republic Federation Defense Force, as the name implies to the weaken state of the United Republic Federations.

- Evans' Rebellion Edit

During the Arrgh Conflict, the URFDF was deployed after several protest from a Anti-Government Group. By 2023,the leader of the protest, Imani Evans, declared war against the government starting the Evans' Rebellion.Turning the protest grew into a rebellion, and capturing many equipment and ships.

The Rebellion soon spread across the Empire, capturing key points and forcing the Defense Force to slow their response. The conflict grew worse with the Foltest Wars, enemy spies killing Secret Service Forces and sending weapons to the Rebels.

By 2025, United Republic Federation of States dropped the Defense Force for a more professional work. Once reformed and the war over, URFAF was soon deployed for an all-out war against the Rebellion. Attacking several sectors across the Federation Empire, pushing Rebel forces into extinction.

As of February 2030, the conflict is at a stalemate as Federation Forces began picking out small pockets of resistance. Mostly in the Samoa and Lagos regions of the Empire.

- Operation Didact Edit

In early 2030, the United Republic Federation Forces was ordered to Radient, a mid-size nation that wasn't watched by TUE Council. The nation was reported to insult the council and ruin their name, in response, the URF Military was chosen to engage. The new Colonel, Lucas Thomas, was ordered to damage the nation until an unconditional surrender could be made, otherwise, destroy the country and take anything from within.

The Federation Navy deployed first with Two Carrier Task Forces equaling to 60 ships, they arrived from the Pacific and launched an all-out assault on the enemy fleet. This killed 17 out of the 19 ship fleet, opening the nation to a ground invasion.

Appell-class 2

Appell-Class Battleships during Operation Didact

A few days later, 5,000 Marines and 200 Viper Operatives landed and opened a beachhead. Capturing as many airfields as possible, soon 95,000 from the Infantry Force landed. Along with them are 200 S1A2, 150 K1A3FM tanks and other land equipment, they soon attacked the Hidden Leaf Village.

In response, the Radiant Troops fortified as the URF Forces prepare for an another attack. But the attack never came as a solution was made, the country apologized to the Alliance and ceased it's insults. In response, the Marine and Viper Corps left the territory moments later.

- West African War Edit

The conflict began with Militant Forces entering URF Military Installation in Lagos, launching a surprise attack on it. In response to the attack, URF Forces launched Operation Superiority in a dense Forest and started a battle within one of the cities within Borno, Nigeria.

As they fought Abrizhouian Forces invades and blockades Lagos, resulting in a response with Naval and Marine Force that pushed them back. The URF Forces was able to take down the nation, expel the queen and return the resources to the Guild Government of the United Empires of Zah'Aharon.

The Country was soon divided between Nigeria and United Republic Federation's Lagos Territory, expanding it's hold in West Africa. Once eliminated, URF Forces resumed operations against the Insurgent Forces. As of June 19, 2034, Operations in Borno ended with a URF and Nigerian Victory.

Personal Edit

- U.R.F. Regular Army Corp Edit

The United Republic Federation Army has a force of 120,000 troopers, about a quarter of them deployed into territories. They are well established, and very common during long-conflicts. They are the back bone of the R.F. Army, making them very easy to use.

The normal equipment of the R.F. Army Infantry Force is the AR-70 and AR-50 assault rifles, locally produced and has several variants from sniping to suppression fire. They also can be seen using Cx4 Storm Carbines or SAR-21 Assault Rifle.

For anti-tank, they have the M202 Flash Rocket Launchers or Barrett XM500 Anti-Material Rifles. Their Armor is similar to the modern combat armor used by Israelis, the difference is the padding which is colored grey for Army.

- U.R.F. Marines Corps Edit

The Marine Corps has a force of 30,000 troops, they are better trained and suited for naval landings. They also carry AR-70 Assault Rifles, but carry IWI Tavor and Mx4 Storm Carbines for special missions. They also can be equipped with XM806 Heavy Machine Guns, M39 EMR Sniper Rifles, and M202 Flash Launchers.

Their armor is also like the Israeli armor, but more futuristic. Their armor pads are colored dark green, and they have more upgrades. The Marines are mobilized during wars or show of force events, any unit demobilized are ripe for re-mobilization when the time comes.

- U.R.F. Viper Corps Edit

The Military Commission has their own Military unit. They are a regiment of 1,000 Special Soldiers trained in Elite missions, making them very difficult to combat against. Although they are commonly deployed as a Company during major Troop engagements, a small squad can be used many more operations

They also have their own vehicles, mainly vehicles modified for stealth. Their armor is also like the Marine Corps' armor, but was colored black and modified with stealth technology.

Their armor can also be modified for different missions available, from SI40 booster jet for Airborne to the SI23 Shoulder Cannon for Anti-Tank.

They are also chosen to be lead by a Colonel, who can command between a small task force to the entire Corp itself.

- U.R.F. Reserve Corp/ Expeditionary Corp Edit

The Republic Federation has a large reserve force filled with 104,000 troops at maximum, being second largest to the Regular Army Corp. During peace-time, they are either stationed within Ulster or demobilized and sent home while 50,000 Troops stay active.

They act as ceremonial units that parade down the capital, builders for humanitarian aid, and actors for recruitment. When war comes, they drop those roles for a more militarized use, being remodeled into either the Defense Corp or the Expeditionary Corp.

As a Defense Corp, they are trained to hold the line within Territories or the homeland against invaders. While as Expeditionary Corp are trained to invade other Countries with the Marine Corp, boosting the numbers of the smaller Corp. When fully mobilized, they are split into four armies of 26,000 each.

Units Edit


5th Marine ARD K1A3 during landing training in Western Samoa

Ulster Homeland: 101,000 Units Edit

Unit Equipment
1st Army ARD Corps

- Warlock Corps

- S1A1 MBT

- Ratel 90 TDs

- CV90 APC

Viper Corp - Atlay MBT

- Gaucho ATAV

- Cx4 Carbine

- AR-70 Carbine

- SAR-21 Assault Rifle

3rd Army INF Legion

- Viper Wolves

- Rage Legion

- AR-70 Carbine

- AR-50 Carbine

- M39 Sniper Rifles

5th Marine ARD Corps

- Ulster Armored Raiders


- S1A1 MBT

6th Marine Divison

- Ulster Raiders

- Cx4 Storm Carbine

- AR-50 Carbine

- M202 Flash RPL

4th Army MEC Corps

- Striker Corps

- AR-70 Carbine

- Cx4 Storm Carbine

- Komsatsu LAV

- CV90 APC)

8th Army ARD Corps - S1A2 MBT

-Komastau LAV

11th Army INF Legion

- Vanguard Legion

- AR-70 Rifle

- M202 Flash RPL

CV-90 in Nigeria

URF Regular in the 9th Mechanized Force in Nigeria

Lagos Territory: 25,000 Units Edit

Unit Equipment
12th Marine ARD Corps

- Lagos Armored Guards

- S1A1 MBT

- CV90 IFV

13th Marine INF Corps

- Lagos Defenders

- AR-70 Carbine

- IWI Tavor Bullpup

9th Army MEC Force - AR-50 Carbine

- CV90 IFV

- Komstau LAV

16th Army INF Legion - AR-50 Carbine

- Cx4 Storm Carbine

13 01 018 R 自衛隊記念日 観閲式(Parade of Self-Defense Force) 30

R.F. 24th MEC Army Corps in Eastern Samoa moving in a convoy

Samoa Territory: 5,000 Troops: Edit

Unit Equipment
20th Army INF Corps - AR-70 Carbine
23rd Army ARD Corps - S1A2 MBTs

- Ratel 90 TD

24th Army MEC Corps - AR-70 Rifles

- Komstau LAV

- CV90 IFV

Images (1)

7th Army Corps "Belfast" during drills in Saint Island Territory

Saint Island Territory: 20,000 Units Edit

Unit Equipment
7th Army ARD Corps

- Belfast Corps

- S1A1 MBT

- CV90 IFV

2nd Army INF Corps

- Delta Rangers

- Cx4 Storm Carbine

- AR-70 Carbine

25th Army INF Corps - Cx4 Storm Carbine

- AR-70 Carbine

9th Marine Division

- Caribbean Raiders

- AR-50 Carbine

- Cx4 Storm Carbine


United Republic Federation Ground Forces Edit

- U.R.F. Armored Force Edit

The United Republic Federation Army uses 4,000 ground vehicles at their disposal, they also have an additional 9,550 vehicles in both Marine Corps and Reserves.

About 3,650 tanks, half are S1A1 and S1A2 Main Battle Tanks; 740 Anti-Tank Vehicles, 750 Module Carrier Vehicle, 1,300 APCs, 5,300 Utility vehicles are used by the URF Ground Forces

Main Battle Tanks Photo Army Marine Corps Reserve Corps Notes
K1A3F Main Battle Tank
550 250 200 - 50 units purchased from South Korea during Mercenary Service.

- 950 produced by Sharp Industries

- Modified and Upgraded for URF Military Standards.

S1 Main Battle Tank
500 300 600 - Indigenous Main Battle Tank

- Based off K1 Main Battle Tank

- S2A0 MRLS variant used by Army and Reserves

- S5A1 SPG variant used by Marines

T-72Sim Main Battle Tank
0 0 600 - Outdated for Frontline Services

- Heavily Modified

- Commonly used by Reserve Corp

M60A5 Main Battle Tank
M60A3-120 2013 prototype
0 0 650 - Is Constantly upgraded for future plans

- Used by Reserve Troops

Armored Support Vehicles Photo Army Marine Corp Reserve Corp Notes
500 250 550 - 200 purchased, 1,300 models produced

- Often used as Infantry Transport

0 0 2,000 - Outdated for Frontline Services

- Stored for Reserve Corp

Ratel 90 ATV
Ratel 90
200 220 320
M1126 and M1128 Stryker
Stryker IFV
M1128 MGS
Stryker ICV: 450

Stryker MGS: 300

0 0 - 30 MGS and 20 ICV purchased from Canadian Republic

- 420 MGS and 280 ICV are produced by Sharp Industries and Armed Company

- All Stryker models are used by the Army

Komatsu LAV
200px-JGSDF Light Armored vehicle 20120408-01
1,500 800 3,000 - 250 units purchased from Japan

- 5,300 models produced by Armed Company.

- U.R.F. Helicopter Force Edit

Along with the ground vehicles, the United Republic Federation Army and Marine Corp shares a large Helicopter fleet of 210 vehicles:

Vehicles Photo Army Marine Corp Notes
AH-1W Super Gunship
Ah-1w-super-cobra 001

AH-1W Super Gunship

0 - AH-1W: 40 - AH-1W Super used by Marine Corp
S-70 Assault-Hawk
Uh-60 gunship
20 0 - Heavy URF Army Gunship
Bell-360 Ulster
Bell 360
40 0 - Newest Gunship in the Army as of 2034

- One purchased complete along with Spare Parts for three

more models

- Produced under License

- Based on Bell-360 Invictus

UH-1Y Venom Huey
Modern Huey
50 20 - Used by Marine Corp and Army as Transport and Close Air Support

- Armed Version equipped with Rocket Pods and chinned Chain-Guns for CAS Support

MH-53 Jolly Green Giant
1024px-MH-53J Pave Low Mission Descent (altered)
25 15 - Army Tactical Transport

- Commonly used for major troop movement.

- Can be deployed from Naval Vessels.

United Republic Federation Special Forces Edit

- U.R.F. Viper Corp Edit

The Viper Corp has a very small set of vehicles to use on recon, stealth, and assassination missions. With 20 Combat Aircraft, 45 Multirole Helicopters, 50 Main Battle Tanks, and 210 Support Vehicles under their command.

Vehicle Photo Amount Notes
- F-23A Silent Fighter

- EF-23B Stalker Fighter

20 - Two Purchased, one disassembled, 9 Produced and used by Viper Corp only.

- Used by Viper Pilots for stealth operations


- F-23 split between Air Superiority and Electronic Warfare variants

RAH-66 Comanche
RAH-66 Commanche
15 - Modified to maintain stealth and low-flight

- Two additional hitpoints removed to increase Speed and Maneuverability

AH-60 Assault-Hawk
Gunship Hawk
10 - Deployed as Close Air Support for Viper Corp
UH-60 GunHawk
UH-60 Gunhawk
20 - Modified for Rapid Action Missions

- Used by Marine Operators from the Marine Corp

Altay Stealth Tank
50 - First Tank to serve Viper Corp

- Equipped with "Sneaker-Inflared" Armor to hide heat.

- Repainted depending on Operation

- 25 Tanks per 500 Operatives

- First participated in the Federation-Quebec War.

VLEGA Gaucho
Light Vehicle
210 - Light-Weight, Multi-Purpose, Advanced Combat Vehicle.

- 20 Purchased and Modified, Additional 190 Purpose-Built

United Republic Federation Air Force Edit

- U.R.F. Air Superiority Edit

The Air Force patrols the Air spaces and engage other air targets that are a problem. They have 440 combat aircraft in use.

- Largest group of Stealth Aircraft in URF Air Force.
Aircraft Photo Amount Notes
F-16D Air Supremacy Fighter
F-16d block 52
100 - Tactical Supremacy Fighter, can be deployed anywhere near the front-lines

- Upgraded from C to D

- 100 of 205 are upgraded

Su-27M Multi-role Fighter
Su-27 Flankers
50 - Main Multi-role Fighter

- Many purchased from China and modified for URF standards

- In Process of being replaced with Mikoyan 1.44 Tactical Fighter

MiG-1.44 Tactical Fighter
70 - Newest Fighter aircraft in URF Air Force and Viper Corp.

- Replaced Su-27 Multirole Fighters

- Blueprints and single model (Adam) is purchased after long negotiations with Russia

- 169 Aircraft Produced out of Armed Company

SIF/A-45A Mulitrole Interceptor
Renegade Air Base (1)

- U.R.F. Anti-Ground Force Edit

These units are used for surface attack on enemy ground or navy forces, they are often assisted by Frontline Force or support the Helicopter Force. They even support the ground force or act alone as a show of force. About 250 aircraft are used in this Air Support Force

Aircraft Photo Amount
AV-8 Striker Fighter
A-10 Attack Fighter
A-10 Warthog
Su-24 Strike Fighter
Sukhoi Su-24 3243247b

- U.R.F. Support Force Edit

They also have 55 support aircraft to support the other Branches of the military, making them very reliable in combat situations and peaceful missions

Aircraft Photo Amount
A400 Airbus Transport
800px-A400m flaps down
R-99 Embarcer AWAC
800px-Embraer R-99A
A330 Tanker
RAF A330 Voyager ZZ335, Brize Norton 17th March 2016 (25365262923)

United Republic Federation Navy Edit

- U.R.F. Flagship Edit

CVA-01 (2nd)

CVA-class Heavy Carrier, RFS Diplomacy, in service from 2002 - 2035. Was Decommissioned in June 2035.

The United Republic Federation Navy are a maritime force deployed to defend the Caribbean Sea, Gulf of Guinea, 70 miles sq.miles of Samoa's waters and 100 sq. miles of the Atlantic around Ulster. They have two Heavy Aircraft Carriers, two Medium Carrier, and four Light Carriers as capital ships.

Class Photos Fleets (Names, Commission Dates) Notes
Midway-class Heavy Carriers
USS Midway (CV-41) in the Sea of Japan 1981

URFS Politics

USS Franklin D. Roosevelt (CV-42) at anchor in 1976

URFS Election

- 4th Pacific Fleet (RFS Politics, June 2025)

- 5th Caribbean Fleet (URFS Election, February 2027

- Two Ships reconstructed and commissioned about 1.7 years apart

- Most Active Carriers in URF Fleet

- Largest Warships in URF Fleet

Vengence-class Fleet Carrier
- 1st Atlantic Fleet (RFS Vengence, May 2034)

- 8th Action Fleet (RFS Legislation, January 2035)

- Both vessels purchased from China

- Both ships modified into Medium Carriers

- Replaced RFS Diplomacy in 2035

- Both Carriers are rotated between each other.

Invincible-class Light Carrier
Invincible-class 2
- 2nd West African Fleet (RFS Renegade, August 2020)

- 3rd Indian Ocean Fleet (RFS Danger, February 2021)

- 6th Action Fleet (RFS Assault, June 2022)

- 7th Action Fleet (RFS Suriname, April 2030)

- Three ships are acquired, refitted, and reconfigured

- Fourth ship constructed within Allied Shipyards

- Deployed as Flagships of Task Forces

- Assault and Suriname used as reinforcements or Forward Assault Unit

- U.R.F. Naval Air Fleet Edit

They have a total of 255 naval aircraft that's Carrier-based:

Aircraft Photo Amount Notes
MIG-29K Multirole
MiG-29-3 BAF
62 - Secondary Naval Fighter

- Capable for Anti-Ship, Anti-Sub and Anti-Surface role

- All units deployed on Vengeance-class Carriers

SFI-45N Interceptor


SIF-45 Naval
105 - Replaced All F-4M Phantoms

- Main Fighter, Interceptor, CAS Aircraft

- A modified variant is operated by Lucas Thomas

- Capable for Anti-ship and Anti-Ground Warfare

UH-1YN Venom
Uh-1y-venom 010
40 - Naval Variant

- Used for Anti-Ship and Anti-Sub warfare

UH-60N Oceanhawk
13 - Used on Albion-class LPD

- Can fire Anti-Ship missiles

- Can be used to drop a Squad of Marines

AV-8N Harriers
AV-8 Harrier
35 - Main Naval Attacker

- Reactivated into service

- Deployed on Midway and Vengeance-class Carriers

- U.R.F. Naval Combative Force Edit

About 166 Warships along with 7 Landing Assault Ships serve the Combative Force, deployed to act as defensive and offensive arms on many missions of the URF Armed Forces. Most are constructed in Allied shipyard, some started out as old ships sold to the Navy along with Licenses and Blueprints to make more of those Classes.

Ships Photo Amount
Ivan Gren-class Landing ship
Ivan gren class
Albion-class Landing Platform Dock
Appell-class Battlecruiser
Appell-class 2 (3)
Project-09 "Ravager"- Class Battlecruiser
Zumwalt-class Assault Cruiser
Supremacy-class Command & Control Cruiser
New Cruiser
Udaloy-class Heavy Destoryer
Hobart-class Assault Destroyer
Delta II-class Light Destroyer
Frigates II
Buyan-M-class Corvette
Град Свияжск
River-class Patrol Boat
PT Boats
James Madison-class Submarines
USS Ulysses S Grant SSBN-631

- U.R.F. Naval Auxiliary Force Edit

These ships are used to maintain the Combative Force far from any Federation Naval Ports, they currently operate about 20 support ships which are forbidden from attacking or being attack by other navies.

Class Photo Amount
Sacramento-class Support Ship
USS Camden AOE-2 050217-N-6074Y-108 crop
Provider-class Replenishment Ship
800px-HMCS Provider (AOR 508) at Pearl Harbor 1986
Kilauea-class Ammo Ship
800px-Shasta and Flint and Kiska
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