United Republic Armed Forces are national defense from enemy nations. Current Commander in Chief is President Liam Sorenson. The Armed Forces are involved with Flavor Town. The nation have more casualties then killed members. 

Front OfficeEdit

Commander In-Chief: President Liam Sorenson

Secretary of Defense: John Walker (CPT)

Deputy Secretary of Defense: Chad Johnson (CPT)

Wars Won: 4

Wars Lost: 13

Wars been in: 17


  • Army 
  • Navy
  • Air Force 

Requirements for the Armed ForcesEdit

  • Age is 18 yrs old + 
  • Sorensonlandian citizen or least have a parent of Sorensonlandian decent
  • Reserve Forces age is 16 yrs old *
  • Regular Forces age is 18 yrs old +
  • After 10 years + of experience you have to join the Secret Service protection.

Noble ConflictsEdit

- Flavor Town War: First War, (12/16-18), Second War, (12/24-27) (aka: Operation Saint Nicholas)

> Total Casualties for Sorensonland (42,109 soldiers) Lost in both wars. 

> Total Casualties for Favor Town (7,798 soldiers) Won in both wars.

The United States of America Flag

United Republic Armed Forces

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