This alliance merged with Dragonstone to form Atlas on March 17, 2018.

United Nations of America

Flag of United Nations of America

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Basic Details
Founded November 11th 2017
Headquarters North America
Color White
Status Defunct
President Dabs
President’s Cabinet Vice President- Vincent Meyer

Senior Advisor- Robert B Neller

Department of State Secretary of State- Samuel Bates

Ambassador to Orbis- Trompi Ali

Department of Defense Secretary of Defense- Robert B Neller
Supreme Court Chief Justice- Zach Horning
Department of the Treasury Secretary of the Treasury- Glennson
Department of Internal Affairs Secretary of Internal Affairs- King Felis
As of February 18th, 2018
Total Nations 21
Score 13,336.27
Average Score 635.06
Alliance Rank 55
Active Blocs
MDoAP Enclave
Active Treaties
Protectorate Zodiac
MDoAP Those Guys
MDoAP Dragonstone
MDoAP The Communist International
PIAT The Hanseatic League
NAP Typhon
NAP Kingsmen

United nations of America [UNA] was founded on November 11th 2017. They reside on the White color and the majority of their members reside in North America. UNA was founding member of the Enclave bloc but left due to outside preasures. After regaining control of foreign affairs UNA rejoined the Enclave bloc with a 9-1 vote.

The Founders Edit

Little information is known at this time. All we know is the alliance was born from the House of Arryn

Founders (known)

  • Vincent Meyer
  • Generalisimo
  • Dabs
  • Rea
  • Eliaphas Khane

The Government Edit

The government of the UNA has always been an important part of the alliance. While many alliances find governments to be cumbersome and inefficient UNA has always attempted to form the best system possible. This is evident in the Constitution of the UNA. Like the constitution of the USA it was specially designed to be malleable and change with the issues of the time.

The President Edit

The President holds a very important role in the governing of the alliance. He acts as the representative for UNA in foreign affiars much like the Secretary of State. The President also selects all the Department heads, Senior Advisor and, the Vice President. The President is one of 4 people that can propose a treaty to congress for ratification. (President, Vice President, Secretary of State and, Ambassador to Orbis) Along with the ability to propose a treaty to Congress the President can establish a treaty if the SoS agrees as well but, the treaty will be void if not ratified by Congress in one weeks time. The Presidents can also veto a bill Congress passes and send it back for a record where to pass it must achieve a 2/3 vote. The Presidents final power is he/she’s final power is the ability to deploy troops in a conflict for 15 days without Congress’ aproval or formal declaration of war. After 15 days Congress must give an extension or formally declare war.

Presidents Edit

  1. Vincent Meyer (11/11/17 - 2/4/18) The provisional government decided he would be president (resigned)
  2. Dabs (2/4/18 - Present) Vincent Meyer's Vice President became President after Vincent’s resignation

The Vice President Edit

The Vice President has several duties but is known as a very powerless position in many ways. The Vice President is also known as the president pro-tempore when there is a tie he has the deciding vote in Congress. The Vice President also advises the president on important issues. The main job of the VP is to replace the President if the situation arises.

Vice Presidents Edit

  1. Generalisimo- (11/11/17 - 1/1/18) Voted into office with a 7 Gen / 5 Dabs vote (Impeached for unbecoming behavior)
  2. Dabs- (1/1/18 - 2/4/18) Appointed by Vincent Meyers (Became president after the resignation of Vincent Meyer)
  3. Eliaphas Khane- (2/4/18 - 2/15/18) Appointed by Dabs (Resigned)
  4. Vincent Meyer (2/17/18 - Present) Appointed VP by Dabs


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