United Kingdom of Costello Edit

1 Leader. High Baron Johnny Costello


2 Queen Ashley Costello

Nation located in Northern Australia and Protected by The Syndicate

"Flags and their meanings"Edit

War flag-

Miw= monarchy in war 6 ticks= 6 major battles in overtaking the land. Ukc flag. Honor to be the Queen

Nation flag-

UK flag.= protection from the united kingdom helped the monarchy become stable. Queen= in honor of Ashley Costello

"Alliance and War history"Edit

Date created. 3-25-2017 Joined HBE 3-27-2017 Participated in the Easter Weekend Massacre Left HBE 7-23-2017 Joined The Syndicate 7-23-2017


They High Baron Johnny lead forces against a powerful Empire in 1993. 6 major battles were fought before Johnny soon lead his crew to safer ground. A Group of 100 soldiers fled to what is now Alexandria. the Capital city of the United Kingdom of Costello. our story begins. slowly building up the city. immigration flew in. other nations began to help. and before long. 10 wonderous cities stood before you. War has continued to rage on. And immigrants still flow in. Infrastructure is built in massive rates and war damages are fixed quickly.

This nation is a Socialist Economy although it provides citizens to have their own possesions. there is a standard of living nobody will ever go below. Healthcare is free to all. As is public transit. Private industry is held to food industry as government runs the rest of the economic development.


The army was around since the start of the nation. (1993) Air force was established in 1997 Navy was later established in 2000.

The IIA (internal intelligence agency) has been in effect since 1994 and has kept our nation safe since.

The Army runs a Paddle (police and defensive department, logistics establishment) that serves as a local law enforcement

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